Not Dead Yet

This morning started out on a grim note. This is what I saw outside my window.


Snow. Awesome.

And Blue was in terrible shape. He was completely lethargic, wouldn’t eat, and had bloody diarrhea (but not in the house thankfully).

We’ve been here before with him and starting him on meds usually perks him up quickly, certainly by day two. But today he looked terrible; he didn’t even bark when the usual boatload of workers came through the house.


I was so preoccupied with Blue and directing movers and painters that I forgot it was pottery day, and once I was at the studio I couldn’t focus on my work because I was so worried about Blue.


Gratuitous selfie

In a flash of genius I thought that maybe he needed his appetite whet so I busted out the cold cuts and brought them to his bed.

From there I was able to lure him with deli slices into the kitchen where I placed a dish of soft rice, beef and yam, his favorite. He turned his nose up at it.

Stitch arrived with plain yogurt and between mixing that in and feeding it to him from my hand, I convinced him to eat. He had dinner that way, too. Forgive the terrible kid camera work.

I would have pulled back a stump if I tried this on Oscar.

After three solid meals he was back to his old self, or at least on his way.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.34.11 PM

Somehow it always comes back to taking a good poop

Blue will live another day! As I told Helene, he could either drop dead today or live another three years, he’s mystifying that way. I really appreciated her and all my other friends checking up on how my stupid dog is.


I’m receiving lots of love these days and looking forward to giving some back once my house is finished (should be Monday) and the weather warms up. A massive happy hour is called for.

But with no booze for me because I would really like to lose some of my winter/stress weight.

This cartoon made me laugh but only because I read it wrong. I though it said, “I should buy cookies for the house.”


Then later that night she’s all, “Fuck, there are cookies in the house and I’m going to eat them all.”

I like how Loryn Brantz keeps it real.

My body is doing well, the bruises on my thighs are gone and the ones on my ass are on their way out. My abs are barely sore but my love handles (where Kuisle said he took the most fat out of) are still really sore, like rug burn sore. I feel it most when I just wake up.

My butt and love handles feel jiggly and bloated which means they are only going to get smaller with time. Woot! I have another post-op tomorrow and I’m going to ask him if I really need to wait four weeks to exercise.

With that, I’m going to massage my butt.

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  1. Viv! Catching up on your life- wow so much happening! Wonderful you are feeling better, and I’m so happy Blue started eating once again. Love that guy. Hugs to you as you complete your recovery!! XO

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