Tapas! Not Topless!

Tuesday is Pub Nite and Tabby’s which means this is one of those special posts.


Loony’s beautiful art collection artfully displayed at Tabby’s pub

Before I forget, the funniest thing happened. Bina was in the sunroom hanging out when we got home from Tabby’s. After a few minutes of chatting she got ready to leave and asked, “Hey Viv, do you have a favorite topless bar?

Without missing a beat I said, “There’s only one in Boulder,” and she looked at me like I lost my mind.


I honestly thought she said topless and I had a fully formed answer in my head. Since the Bustop closed there is only Nitro so my favorite topless bar is the only topless bar. Duh.


Anyway, I had a crazy dream last night. I was married to Superman (circa Henry Cavill) and he was a total dick. We had a kid together and I wanted to leave him but he wouldn’t let me and was all, “You cannot escape me,” and was constantly controlling me.


He was a real asshole because I hated him despite him being fine as fuuuuuu

I kept trying to run away but he was everywhere I went but then I figured that I could escape though an air duct to this little old lady’s house next door. She lived on a hill and had a rickety old house with lots of stairs.

She said, “Don’t worry, I can protect you. We can stay in the house, I have plenty of money.”

And then the phone rang and it was Superman and he was all, “Ha ha! I found you and you have to come out sooner or later.” And I was like, “I don’t! I can stay here forever and you can’t get me!” But he said, “I am draining the old lady’s accounts as we speak, she’ll have nothing.”

And I thought, “What a dick.”





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