Lipo Part 6: Post Op

I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward/dreading today.

On the pro side, I can’t wait to get out of all these dressings and industrial strength garments. I’m surprised I didn’t go a more bonkers wearing the 24-7.

In the con side, I am afraid of what I’m going to see. I remember how crushed I was at my tummy-tuck post-op. I was bruised, lumpy, had a huge jagged scar and was bloated. While I did my best to emotionally prepare myself for things to look bad (with the knowledge that they would improve with time) I was anxious.

Heather admitted to show no expression no matter what. On our way over we did a reality check and went over all the ways in which I could get disappointed and freaked out.

Despite all that nervousness, I was so ready to get out of my sausage casing; I was giving pregnant women a run for their money.


Looking pregnant, feeling huge

We took some more before photos with the girdle and foam so you can see just how much girth it added.


This is some sexy shit

I got onto the table and put on the gown and was ready for the big reveal. I made Heather look first.


How did it look?


My abdomen and back which were amazingly free of bruises. My skin wasn’t lumpy or swollen and I could already see a huge improvement.


My belly button will round out as the swelling goes down and I don’t have the lumps like I did before.

Here are the before photos …

April 25, 2017 BEFORE

Five days after …

Five days after surgery

Most noticeable is how much flatter my abs are and how there is less of a shelf above my c-section scar

The best part is that I’m only 5 days post op and everything (and I mean everything) I’ve read says it will be at least 4-6 weeks until I see 90% of the improvement, with it taking six months for the final results to show.

I was so happy that I wanted to kiss Dr. Kuisle. Even though his 68, I would totally smash him. He cautioned me to take it easy, wear my panty girdle for a month and gently massage the area. I was stoked to wear normal clothes!

If you can’t afford lipo and you need a quick fix, just wear a fat suit for a week and you will feel a hundred times better when you take it off.

Each day I feel a lot better. Today I was in the studio glazing and as my luck would have it, every single glaze I wanted to use was full to the brim (aka very heavy buckets) but I felt really good.

This stuff came out of the kiln …


Itchy called me while I was at the studio with fatigue and a stomach ache so I had to get him. He passed out on the couch while I fumed over him violating the cardinal rule.


Stitch came over later on to help Loony clean out my old CRV that has been parked in front of the house with a flat tire for the last six months.

We’ve been insuring the damn thing even though we don’t use it because Loony was too scared to go through it. Shopping is more fun for him.

But Stitch got him through it and that’s one less thing we have on our minds. That thing was like the Tardis.

All Itchy wanted for his 12th birthday were contact lenses …

Happy birthday kid. I love you.


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