Crotch Aggression

I’m not saying that he is normally a nice dog because that would be going too far. He’s an okay dog, but put him in a comfortable crotch and he turns into a monster.

Goodbye Blue

It is with the heaviest heart that I write that Blue died last night. We didn’t see it coming. He was in the midst of a full recovery from his last bout of giardia and clostridium. He was eating and pooping normally and his spirits were fine. He even did a stellar job of making sure […]

Not Dead Yet

Blue will live another day! As I told Helene, he could either drop dead today or live another three years, he’s mystifying that way. I really appreciated her and all my other friends checking up on how my stupid dog is.

The Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday I was riding high. I was beyond excited about my post-op appointment and how good I looked and felt given that it had been less than a week after I got lipo.

Holiday Trifecta

I found these two memes on the internet. Together they reflect the highs and lows of motherhood, especially when you look at the context which is always, and forever, humor.

Lipo Part 6: Post Op

Heather’s mantra was to show no expression no matter what. On our way over we did a reality check and went over all the ways in which I could be disappointed.

Lipo Part 5: Days 2 Through 4

AB and Mo wanted me to Facetime and I was like Bitches, please. Then they wanted to put me on speaker phone at the studio and I was like, will you please just leave me alone so I can watch my damn show?!