Manboobs and Sideboobs

I was hoping to provide my 13 readers (if it’s even that) with some pictures of pumped pecs, but alas, all I can provide you with is witty reparté.


I guess this is what engineers do while they are “working.”

Just as an FYI, Mancakes was formerly known as My Son-In-Law but I’m trying to shorten my handles and he’s quite beefcakey, but manly. And he cooks.

What was I doing? Stitch and I were having a claydate.

I showed her how compress clay with light paddling which naturally led to me bringing out my super big paddle and seeing as how she is into BDSM, I thought she might enjoy being taught a lesson.

I warned her that this was going to fucking hurt.


Definitely hurt more than it hurt me

We are perplexed about the white spot as there was no hole in the paddle.

Bina showed up to charge her computer and do some work. I had a big pot of soup on so it was SOUP FOR EVERYONE in the midst of industry.

Bina remarked at how crazy productive she is at my counter; Sideboob discovered the same a while ago. At home she gets bored and distracted with social media or chores, but in my kitchen there is just enough stimulation to keep her on task.


I love having my girls stop by to talk, eat, charge devices, craft, etc. I learn a lot about love from them, as well as how to simply listen and be supportive while letting them follow their own paths.

I can’t say that I would make the same choices as they make for themselves but I respect their choices even if I don’t fully understand them. I want to understand, though, and it teaches me how to silence my judgements and opinions and listen with an open heart and mind. It’s a priceless lesson.

I’m going to have to get really good at it when it comes time (and that time is coming) to use that muscle with my kids.

Speaking of women I love, it’s Sideboob’s 30th birthday today.


She’s the most adult of my friends, even those 20 years her senior, and I adore her. She has shown me true friendship and been there for me in times when others would have been too busy. She attended City Council meetings regarding short term rentals just to support me. That’s love.

She’s taken me on the most spectacular of adventures, paving the way for me so I could show up at the airport with a ticket and passport in hand and leave the rest to her. We’ve seen such beautiful places, eaten wonderful things, experienced nature, luxury and art, and we’ve had our share of hilarious snafus.

Then there is the pole world. While she didn’t introduce me to pole, she took me on her journey of producing shows and delivered the most wonderful people to my door. Now I have friends all over the world who like to sunbathe topless on my deck. Loony thanks her for that, too.

Happy birthday Sideboob. Even though it’s your birthday, I feel like I’m the one who has gotten the biggest present.

I’ll buy you lunch at the Mountain Sun forever, I’ll always pick up the drink tab on our trips, I’ll follow you wherever you want to go without question, I will always support whatever dream choose, even if that dream changes. I hope this year is your best one yet.

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