Happy Anniversary Bartleby

I just woke up from a barrage of tortured dreams that included:

  1. Trying to take dictation when I was only capable of remembering the last three words while typing onto an invisible keyboard
  2. Finding a teenage girl I was responsible for who kept moving higher and higher in a building with only stairs
  3. Talking her teenage brother out of jumping off the top of a tall bridge while wearing a squirrel suit into a very busy harbor
  4. Trying to figure out why her father didn’t have hot water in the mornings for his shower
  5. Organizing a fundraiser (that’s when it turned into a nightmare)

The clock said 5:20 which meant it was too late to go to the gym so I got on my computer to finish reading a book, but then I got a text from Sideboob in Paris.

Bart Anniversary

She’s at the airport right waiting to board but she took the time to send me a reminder that as of one year ago today I got Scheissehund.

He’s tucked into my robe as I write so I suppose he’s having a good day already. The rest of the text is about her night at Crazy Horse, the incredible Paris nude review. We went on our trip together and it was one of the high points of the trip. Dita Von Teese (the legendary burlesque performer) sometimes performs there and we hoped that she might make an appearance.


Sideboob knew that it would kill me if she saw Dita without me which made us both hope that Dita showed up. I have a bit of the masochist in me.

Loony and I turned up unannounced at Tabby’s house the other night looking to open up the pub. She was feeling down because one of the Silkie chicks died on her watch. It turns out that our timing was good because it snapped her out of her funk.

After a few drinks and a lot of popcorn I told her that I like it when she’s abusive to me via text. She didn’t waste any time.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.50.53 AM

Ignore the stupid iPhone autocorrect

Anyway, it was nice waking up to a text from Sideboob. A year ago today I confided in her my plan and she insisted on driving with me to Colorado Springs to keep me from getting into a car accident as I tried to take pictures of the dog while at the wheel.

Like Blue, he bonded with me instantly and has been a pain-in-the-ass ever since.


I’m not sure what I’ll do for Scheissehund to celebrate. I’ll carry him around all day, he’ll probably do some sunbathing on Blue’s bed, I’ll feed him ground beef, let him pee in the house … wait … that’s what he does every day.


It couldn’t be more true than for this little dude.


Granted, he has less hair now

I feel like every day isn’t my birthday, but that’s a good thing. I don’t really enjoy my birthday, there’s too much expectation around it. I’d much rather have it the way it is now.

My sweet Márion messages me all the time no matter where she is in the world. I sent her this picture of me stretching at the gym.


… and she sent me a picture of a tiny piercing she got the last time she was with me in Boulder …


The the little hoop in the center

She commemorates times in her life with little piercings and tattoos. It’s not something I’m drawn to but I felt like doing the same for her …


There is a warmth to my life that I am ever grateful for, the feeling that I am surrounded by truly special people that have so much love, support and creativity to give. I soak it up like a sponge, and I do my best to replenish them with mine.

I’m working on a grand gesture right now but I’m going to wait to announce it. I’m excited, though, I think it will be wonderful.

Yesterday, after Scratchy got home, I heard the sounds of an ice cream truck coming up my street. Fortunately Loony wasn’t home because he would protest spending $5 on a $2 ice cream bar, but I was feeling expansive and it was a warm day and I was with my boo so why not?


Choco Taco FTW!


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