Hey Single Lady

Loony comes home tomorrow and I have managed to make it through the last 10 days without killing any pets or engaging in any relationship extinguishing house projects.

I had a lot of fun playing the single lady and going out with friends, but dang it, I miss him.

The only thing I have to cover my tracks from is emptying out his car, but I had a really good reason. There was no way I could drive my minivan to Crested Butte, it is so bad in the snow. I have lost control in the snow just trying to make a turn onto my street, it super sucks.

So I emptied his CRV out into my van and I *might* have gotten rid of just a few things.


The backseat

In addition to the kind of stuff he sells on eBay (clothes and shoes) there were three bicycle pumps, multiple sets of kitchen knives, two laser star-lights (new in box), two and a half pairs of alpine walking poles, more battery destroying Mag-lights than an entire police department could use, bowties, all-in-one baby diapers (WTF Loony!), a baby wrap, two massive brass shut-off valves, an industrial sized roll of packing cling wrap, TWO giant folders of someone else’s CD’s, 3 steam irons, a burr grinder, a bag of records (natch) and a big old bag of bags. And trash. Lots of trash.

Let me just say that I put all that shit back into the car, except for the irons, the alpine poles, the baby diapers, knives and laser lights. Some of that stuff I can use at the house, sell on Craigslist or regift. I’m pretty sure Mancakes could use some more good kitchen knives.


I found these adorable baby ski boots, I want to bite them

I dutifully consolidated the empty bags (Loony surely needs them), threw out the obvious trash, bagged up the shoes and clothes and shoved all that shit back into the car. But I’m sure he will notice and suspect foul play.

Let’s face it, he is right to be suspicious of me.

In other news, Trevor is doing great with the chicks. It turns out that three of the six eggs I gave her hatched and Tabby slipped a couple store bought chicks under her for good measure. She’s doing the best job raising those little babies even though the store boughts are really different than the Silkie chicks.

She kind of reminds me of this gal …


Something ain’t right

We are going to leave the silkies there until they are big enough to integrate into Radish’s harem. Hopefully there will be at least one hen in the lot, but knowing my luck …


Bates has been kind of a dick to me lately. He’s taken to sleeping on the guest bed which pisses me off to no end. Suddenly today he decided to be nice to me, it might have something to do with his food dish being empty.


Bookmarking “Crazy Rich Asians” for me

Boobzilla gave me a massage today and the animals wouldn’t leave us alone, so this happened …


She deserves combat pay for working around that circus, especially Scheissehund who would growl and bite her when she got too close to my butt/crotch

Loony gets home tomorrow, hopefully in time for dinner. We’ve barely spoken because he hasn’t had any signal up in the cloud forest. I’m sure he has lots of stories of birds and butterflies to regale me with.

Me? I’m just looking forward to having him home, his steady presence, his unflappable problem solving skills, his irreverent sense of humor, his voracious appetite for politics, his incredibly mature relationship ideas, and his ever willingness to drop everything and be with me.

I like having breaks like this, it is too easy to take him for granted. It’s important to remember why I love him so much.

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  1. I hope your sweetie reads all the reasons why you love him! I love that your boys get to grow up with baby chicks. They look like they are so gentle and sweet(your boys) I had to tell Basil about your animals being protective of you during your massage. I can’t imagine our dogs letting it happen. Plus the massage table wouldn’t be big enough(Strider 100#’s & Athena 85#’s)we barely have enough room in our double bed hahahah

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