This may be an ill-advised post but seeing as how my dad (HI DAD!) generously referred to me as a “free spirit” I figured why start censoring myself now.

And surely at least one of you is curious to know how the Great Apple Pie Contest went.

To review:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.22.35 AM

Well, I’m sorry to say that I lost. Everyone was super nice and all, “It’s so good, I love crumb topping, blah, blah,” the sad truth is that it was undercooked. Another 30 minutes and it would have been solid gold.

Force feeding

What is Sexxxpo you might ask? Well, for one, it was what was at stake. The loser has to buy the winner a ticket go to the next one. And B, it’s what My Other Asian Daughter is into. She’s kind of a kinkster. I don’t think I’m outing her or anything.

Me? I’m vanilla AF.


My face when she talks about what she’s into

I want to be clear, I do not judge her for the stuff she likes. In fact, I think it’s awesome that she knows herself so well and is true to her own appetites.

Enjoy your sexuality and make no apologies!

She’s always trying to get me to come to things with her, just to check it out. And I will, I just haven’t yet. I mean really, what have I got to lose?

I’ll do the tourist thing, you bet.


Talk about blog material.

So she came back from working some kind of information booth at Sexxxpo and she tried to get us to come along.


Here’s the video of Simon the Cat refusing to dog.

Good god, it never gets old.

So that’s what Sexxxpo is and now I have to buy Chris a ticket to go the next time around. Maybe I’ll go, and if I do no one can talk behind my back all like, “Did you know that Vivienne went to a crazy sex thing?” like it’s juicy gossip. It’ll be more like, “Duh, she totally blogged about it.”

Anyway, the apple pie contest and Force Feeding was fun, like it always is. I flopped around on the couch while the youngsters entertained and cooked for me. If you have the means, I highly recommend it as a weekend activity.

It’s definitely not boring. I had to brag to Sideboob about it just a little.

Galette Anon

Oh yeah, here’s another thing we did for fun. It’s called Taxiderpy.

Do a Google image search for “taxiderpy” and be prepared to laugh your ass off. Yes, I know, an animal died and that’s not funny. I’m not laughing at the poor animal (nor do I condone killing animals to make tchotchkies) I’m laughing at how fucking wonderful/horrible the, um, artists are.

We cackled at taxiderpy photos and told our most embarrassing poop stories. Now you know.


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