Garbage Post with Small Animals

My kids are annoying the shit out of me.

I cooked a delicious dinner that I was stoked to put in me but they have ruined it with their asinine conversation … if you can call it that. It’s mostly them just trying to annoy each other by repeating everything the other says, singing stupid songs, etc. I don’t think they even noticed it when Loony and I bailed due to parental fatigue.

I’m on the couch with my computer listening to their idiotic repartee while their food cools into a solid mass.


Delicious when hot. When cold, not so much.

My back flared up today at the gym and as usual I wasn’t doing anything in particular, just living life. If it weren’t for my hinky back I’d be in pretty good shape for my age. At least I have Boobzilla around to give me a quickie massage and save my life.

I also have this guy …


I took a LD50 of ibuprofin and hung out on the couch while Scheissehund kept my crotch toasty warm. I should figure out how to strap him to my back because it would be a nifty little back warmer.

I spent the rest of the day binging on Hand of God while making more chickens.

I’m obsessed. I’m also completely mystified by my fascination with these forms. I’ll keep making them until I’m bored of them.

Speaking of obsessed, I found this funny looking Chiweenie on IG …


Someone hit the jackpot when their dog was born with an adorable birth defect. I like to troll Tiny Ears by texting her photos of him. She finds them upsetting.

Here’s something kind of upsetting …


Scheissehund wearing a bikini

This aerial view of him puts to rest any question whether he is part Dachshund.

I’m glad to have at least one good dog.

Loony spiced up our morning by some forced togetherness amongst That Fucking Cat and Scheissehund. I never knew that cats could roll their eyes.

Jesus, this is a shit post. I’m going wrap this up so I can go over to Tabby’s for pub night even though I can’t drink anything. Hell.

2 thoughts on “Garbage Post with Small Animals

    • It was and I did. It would have enjoyed it more with a glass of wine and less sibling garbage, but that’s how it goes. I love Trader Joe’s lemon and rosemary spatchcocked chickens. I roast it with vegetables and potatoes and it’s the easiest meal ever.

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