Force Feeding and DJ Sets

I had the best weekend!

It started with seeing Troyboi at the Boulder Theater, it was a deejay set. Gofer got me into trap music and suggested we check Troyboi out since it’s three blocks to the venue which allows me to nap almost up until the show starts.


It was practically an all-ages show (15 and up) and we were the oldest people but I’m used to that these days.

Seriously though, I couldn’t even get into ogling people watching because not only was I old enough to be ANYONE IN THE ROOM’S mom, I found myself thinking that I couldn’t be that person’s mother due to complications associated with high-risk advanced maternal age – AKA geriatric – pregnancy.


Never mind that the girls were mostly wearing bras as outerwear, and not even sports bras but actual bras. And panties. My only thought was that I wished the look had been in when I was their age because I would have been ALL OVER IT!

There was a super cute gal in the ladies’ room wearing a thong teddy she excitedly proclaimed having gotten from Bulgaria. I guess her mom was a little concerned about it but she said, “Don’t worry mom, it’s just rave wear.”

Kids these days are so cute.

I was pretty stoked that another gal in line was wearing the same Black Milk leggings as me. Thank god for my pole dancing days, they taught me how to dress appropriately for these events.


Pretty much what I was wearing only I had sensible shoes

The club was seriously thick with smoke, like a fog machine spewing pot. You could see waves of it blowing around. Loony observed that it was like being in one of those obnoxious cigar clubs only instead of it being cigar smoke, it was the OG.


That’s a pot cloud over Denver. God bless legalized weed.

Oh my god, I was high as fuuuu. I couldn’t help it, it was totally second hand smoke! And the music, natch.


There were two opening acts, both great, and I got such a kick out of watching the girls dancing around, barely able to contain their glee when a favorite song got played.

Anyway, Troyboi put on an incredible show, a far cry from some of the DJ shows I’ve been to where I’ve wondered why everyone was watching a nerd play records. Troyboi had a dope laser setup and really trippy graphics.

The two gogo dancers were fabulous, they changed costumes each time they came on stage and did a doubles routine on the lyra that was first class.

I wish I had videoed more of them.

People were freaking out by the last song, like screaming and going crazy. It was really fun to be in a room where the music was moving everyone dance, kind of like being at the best party ever only none of the music sucks. And I don’t have to worry about the cops getting called, my clients getting pissed, and cleaning up the next morning.

Yeah, so that was super fun. The only bummer was the MPT wouldn’t come, she was sleepy or some shit. It didn’t stop me from drunk texting her all night.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.57.07 PM.png

Scratchy had basketball practice the next morning at 8:00 which usually isn’t a problem except for the one-two punch of daylight savings and me not getting to bed until 3am. At least I still got it.

The next day was the perfect antidote to being wired and up all night. My Other Asian Daughter is back from nine months of traveling. We celebrated her homecoming by scheduling a force-feeding party, AKA when My-Son-In Law cooks and we flop around on the couch and eat.

I was too weak to provide so I showed up with sushi and dim sum from Whole Foods to tide us over while the boys cooked. We had roasted cauliflower with spring onions, garlic and lemon, molasses ribs, roasted chicken, and pie over the course of seven hours. We started at noon because Barely Legal had a big test the next morning and wanted to turn in early. Works for me.

I adore geeky hunks, they are truly the best of both worlds. His mother must be so happy.

We were all so happy to see MOAD, she followed her bliss and didn’t wear pants the whole day.

Between courses we stretched, did handstands, crunches, and I tried to teach everyone how to make their butts and boobs bounce, which I happen to be very good at.

I dragged myself home at 7:30 and went straight to bed. This being young thing is tiring.

Today I messed around in the studio. I’m trying to replicated a pitcher I found on Pinterest but since there is no tutorial it’s kind of difficult.


Second attempt at getting the cylinder and pleats right …



Then I went over to MPT’s house to hang out and stop her from napping.


Scheissehund looks super dead

I’m going to bed.

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