A Nuisance of Cats

It’s funny how I haven’t pole danced or taken a pole class in any regular kind of way for two years but people still think I’m a pole dancer. I mean thanks, but no, I’m earth bound these days.

Ceramics has been my jam except when Sideboob has a competition and I open my home to my beautiful friends for a weekend of frolicking around Boulder between shows.


Note the lack of a pole

Pussy hats have been on my mind with all the political unrest.


Take back the pussy!

I love how the word pussy is now in the common vernacular and not just yet another way to insult someone by calling them a woman.

A while back I made some cat mugs but I wasn’t happy with how the tail worked (or rather didn’t work) as a handle.


Despite the very warm reception they got, I didn’t feel good about selling them because I didn’t like the ergonomics of them as a cup.

I abandoned the cat mug thing and moved on until I posted a picture of some pots I had drying upside down and someone said they looked like clay pussy hats. I’m not sure why a clay hat is a good idea but it got me thinking.


I gave the cat mugs a second try but this time I am calling them pussy pots and not bothering to make them into mugs.


I oriented them differently by accident but liked it better and added feet and a different kind of tail for good measure. They come in two sizes, Big Pussy and Little Pussy

A friend said he’d like one which led to a conversation about what a collective group of cats is called. There’s a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a flock of seagulls …



… but what about cats?


Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 6.26.40 PM.png

I say no to clowder but nuisance? Yes please. Since when was Loony moonlighting for the OED? It’s right up there with reprehensible tail.

I love, love, love ceramics. I love doing it at home with a podcast on, I love doing it at the studio with my wonderful friends.


It’s a shitty picture and Natasha’s eyes are closed but AB looks good and she’s the one who is most likely to kill me if she hates the picture. I’m not scared of Natasha or Maureen. AB is scary when she’s mad. I will not fuck with her.

We laugh and talk about politics, podcasts, family, travel, TV shows, movies, music, husbands, white privilege, everything.

I’m in a hyper creative mode, I love being on fire. I believe the cure for my depression is creativity and these are depressing times (although I must say that That Fucking Maniac’s administration makes for some mighty entertaining TV).


Seriously, have you seen this? It’s brilliant.

I got this awesome t-shirt from Dan Savage’s ITMFA project (Impeach the Motherfuckers Already) and he’s already raised something like $100K to go towards Planned Parenthood, The ACLU, and the International Refugee Assistant Project.

Seriously, slacktivism never looked so good.


Notice that the savage one liked the picture. Squeeeee!

Here ya go, Dad. And Happy Birthday, I love you!

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 6.44.56 PM.png

I’m still writing and calling my local representatives every week. I can’t be all slacktivist all the time. You actually have to do something every now and then.

Do you remember when that woman informed me, apropos of nothing, that my coop was too small and it totally got under my skin because I kinda already felt that way?

Well, I fenced off part of the yard so the ladies could have more free range space during the day and they took to nesting in a big hole Blue dug. They needed shelter which got me thinking (aka cruising Craigslist) and look what I found!


The guy wanted $350 for it (a reduced price) and I showed it to Sideboob and she took one look and said, “That listing has been up for two months. Offer him $275 to take it off his hands,” so I did and he accepted and yay!


It just needed a little paint so I flailed around with the brush until Loony rescued me.

The guy is a wonderful carpenter and I would love to have him build a new Poulet Rouge with all the little upgrades that drive me nuts about my current one. But not right now. Here’s his homepage, he’s wonderful.

Here are the paint colors for my future reference, as in when I repaint the house to match my chicken coop!


I present to you Le Coop Du Jour. Like soup du jour but with a coop.

That’s French for coop of the day because they use it during the day. And coop rhymes with soup. Get it?

It’s not predator proof so they still use Le Poulet Rouge for sleeping, but I am tickled pink (or rather blue and red) and the passers by love it.

Seriously, it makes me so happy to see my regulars stop by every day to say hi to the ladies. It’s mostly moms with babies, but the local preschool comes by all the time, too. I love it. And now they are all FREAKING OUT over the Coop du Jour.

In other news, Trevor (Tabby’s chicken) is broody again so I slipped some eggs under her. Radish is red and the ladies are white so maybe we’ll get pink chicks!

Finally another quote I like from City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin. I’m putting quotes on my blog because otherwise I’ll forget them. At least here I stand a chance of running into them again.


Shit just got super real, incase you were wondering


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  1. I love your Le Coop Du Jour. It really is quite bitchen. Your pussy pots turned out great. You do such a nice job(coming from someone who took 1 yr of pottery at CU and knows what is involved!)

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