It’s Groundhog Day!

Whooeee! Last night I went on an unexpected bender. I’ve been drinking less (not that you could tell by the looks of my glob, I mean blog) but it’s true, I only drink at social events which means there has to be more people than just me present. And Scheissehund doesn’t count.

A friend of mine launched a Kickstarter for a card game that is kind of like Cards Against Humanity but for people who are full of angst over the Russian rigged election that put That Fucking Maniac into office.

I do lots of things to make myself feel less powerless in this political wasteland: I write, I joined a local Indivisible movement and set aside 15 minutes each day to write/call our local representatives, I do craft therapy …


I’m making Pussy Pots, this one hangs from the wall.

So when my buddy invited me to a launch party for a game that not only educates us about this national nightmare administration but helps us get a bit of much needed levity, I was in.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.05.15 PM.png

Check out their Kickstarter video here.

And unlike most Kickstarters where  you pay a bunch of money and then eight months later some overpriced piece of crap that doesn’t work shows up – six months after the identical product is available on Amazon for half the price – this game will be quick and easy to produce. It’s a card game after all, how hard can it be? You can also choose to back a downloadable version.

In other words you might get it before That Fucking Maniac is impeached.

And proceeds go towards a cause that is in the crosshairs of our Putin approved administration.

So I went to the party and there were Nasty Lady drinks and margs and whaddaya know, I got hammered.


The only picture of me from the evening. I’m licking MPT’s cheek. She’s wearing a whack outfit.

After heckling the presentation and then spending the rest of the evening playing gay or not gay with MPT, Loony dragged me home but not before stopping at MPT’s house to pick up my kids.

MPT mentioned that there was a cheesy chicken and rice thing on her stove. She and I share of mutual love of casseroles and and all starchy things bound together with cheese and cream sauces so I helped myself and took some home.


Naturally I drunk texted her and she drunk texted back. I have to remember to give the spoon and bowl back.

We got home and attempted to watch The Night Manager but I only made it through a little bit of it before I passed out.

But not for lack of serious interest.

Tom Hiddleston, rowr.


Ladies, just watch it. You’re welcome.

I woke up around midnight to MSNBC and seriously could not tell if I was watching satire or actual news, it was simply that crazy.

This morning I felt not so hot and headed downstairs to battle the hangover in the best way I know how … cleaning … and I saw this note I left for myself on the counter.



And then I remembered that last night after we got home Itchy cleaned not only his room, but his brother’s and he did a bang up job. I asked what got into him and he told me that ever since he saw Groundhog Day with us at the library, he’s been on a self-improvement kick.


For reals?

The boys really liked Edge of Tomorrow, essentially Groundhog Day with aliens. It’s a solid film that unfortunately suffered from the taint of Tom Cruise, but he – and the entire film – were really good. The female lead is named Rita as a nod to the original Andie MacDowell character.


Try to not think about the whole Katie Holmes, Scientology, couch jumping thing and you will be fine.

I tricked them into going to a film about existential crisis by telling them that it was the film that EOT is based on in hopes that they would enjoy a film with exactly zero special effects.

Scratchy was lukewarm about it but Itchy embraced the narrative that given all the time in the world one tires of excess and discovers that service to others is the road to fulfillment. Hence cleaning his room and his brother’s without anyone asking. That kid is going to be able to write his own ticket.

Hell, I don’t think I got that out of the film the first time around and I was 22.

I decided to roll with the service to others theme and put the kids to work.


Of course I had to micromanage the crap out of them as they limply went through the motions of vacuuming, dusting, washing the floors, doing the bathrooms, etc., but I figure that if I make them keep doing it over until it’s right, logic will prevail and they will realize that it’s faster to do it right the first time.


Child rearing is essentially a test of endurance. Who can hold out longer, me or the kids?

I gotta tell you, despite the aggravation of having to ride my kids all morning, it felt so much better to get them involved in the maintenance of this house.

I’ve been talking about holding them more accountable with chores forever, but this time it felt like the kids were actually helping and I didn’t feel the post-cleaning bitterness that usually happens when I spend the morning toiling while they lounge around the house like indulged brats.

JJ, I know you have something to say about this.



And hey, it will build character.

You know who doesn’t give a flying fuck about bettering himself?


This guy. He’s too lazy to hold his own head up.

He put on a magnificent display of being a good family dog this morning. Regard.

There’s no dog better than Blue and these pictures crack me up because they make him look extra huge.

Here’s a picture of his ears looking really stupid. Loony calls them his Princess Leia ears.



Scheissehund force frenched Itchy this morning, caught on camera!


That’s some serious deli action

And my honeymooning friend sent me a text about her new arrival, naturally I had to turn it into a juvenile joke.


Loony is making me happy today. After the boys and I cleaned, he made cookies with them and then played Scrabble with Scratchy and his friend.


I’m feeling pretty good about my parenting skills which is rare. I’m reveling in it.

Here’s a quote from a book I’m reading, I love how the words went straight to my nose.


Exerpt from “City of Mirrors” by Justin Cronin

Now I’m going to polish off the rest of MPT’s casserole, it’s in the fridge and calling my name.




One thought on “It’s Groundhog Day!

  1. Of course you know I would have something to say. 🙂 When I lived with Lee(Jordan’s ex)and Todd, we started a chores/dinner chart. The kids knew what days they were suppose to do what and what nights it was their job(with adult supervision…they were about 6,7,8 yrs old)to make dinner. They loved it. Most likely it was my idea hahahha I could never understand why kids get to sit around while the parents do everything. This of course is coming from someone who did three loads of laundry a day starting at about 9yrs old. Even if they do a crappy job, don’t you “go over it” otherwise they will never have to learn. 🙂

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