That and $3.50 Will Get You A Cup Of Coffee

It’s been two weeks since my last post that I drunkenly wrote at midnight after a doozy of a bender and then thought the better of the next morning and privatized it. But if you sign up to receive notifications you still got to see this much of it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.37.29 PM.png

“I am for sure drung right now.” Awesome.

If you were wondering if my two-week absence was due to alcohol poisoning and/or court ordered 14-day rehab, you would be wrong. I’ve been on the fence about the value of having an on-line presence. I mean really, what is is actually worth?

As they said in the olden days, “That and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee,” only today it’s more like $3.50 for a cup of coffee. But hell, I wish I knew how to quit you.


The night in question was really fun. I met up with Vinnie who I haven’t seen in ages, we then met up with a bunch of other friends I haven’t seen in ages and ended up going out dancing at a collegy place on Pearl and pretty much all the music was stuff I listened to in high school and college.

Like this …

I’m pretty sure I was the only one there who was old enough to know this music the from the first time around. I usually take it very personally when deejays play oldies music as if it were some kind of commentary on my advanced age (Hey you! Old lady in the back! I see you!) but it occurred to me that maybe young people actually like this music.


Either that or I stumbled into an ironic 80’s and 90’s night. Whatever.

I wove my way home (on foot!) with one hand steadying me on the Pearl Street Mall shop windows and reveled in the rather trippy bender I was on.

It had a lot to do with the music I was listening to while walking, I felt like I was in another place, it was highly enjoyable and I was in good enough condition to take a dance class the next day. So that’s the story about the night in question, but without horrible spelling.

Loony and I went to a wedding sans children recently at Dunton Hot Springs, a luxe hot spring/spa/resort nestled in the mountains near Telluride that is a restored mining ghost town.

Not to be tacky or anything, but check out the nightly rate of this place. Holy wow, thanks Dennis and Malia (the bride’s parents)!

Everything about this place was incredible, all the cabins were luscious and featured original art and antiques. No two spaces were alike and the service was five star (the staff addressed us by our names at all times), the owner was even given an award for excellence in hospitality by none other as than That Fucking Lunatic that is running our country into the ground.

Speaking of That Fucking Lunatic, this made me happy in a world otherwise devoid of mirth when it comes to politics.

I tried not to let That Fucking Lunatic’s seal of approval ruin it.

Here are some realtime notes I texted to myself while in Dunton.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.29.17 PM.png

Haha. Oh yeah.

  1. So, I was making a fool out of myself by gushing about how gorgeous this place was. I couldn’t stop! I totally needed to calm down about it. But here is a video that I made for the boys.


  1. (really #2 but I can’t get the formatter to work) There was a suuuper slutty dog there named Mona who belonged to the mother of the bride. She’s a German “nanny dog” that was bred and trained to protect diplomat’s children.

She acted super chill but I was assured that she would kill anyone who tried to hurt her owner. She also had a very sensitive itchy spot on her back that made her leg go crazy.

  1. (3.) Loony was harshing my mellow. Hmm. I think I was pissed at him for not going into the outdoor spring with me because he said he was afraid someone would pull the ladder up and leave him to die (see the video)
  1. (4) Yes, I pushed Justin into the pool because I have the maturity of an eight year-old but to be fair, I knew that the pool was deep enough to not kill him.

    See? Says so right here.

    5. (Woot!) I got it to work! Getting out of town is soooo much work especially since I had to provide for the boys so I told Loony that he was on his own when it came to packing. Guess who forgot his swimsuit? I took undue pleasure in seeing him be the only naked person.

  2. img_9993

    Naked Loony

  3. (MOTHERFUCKER! 6) You’d think I’d never been to fancy places with the way I was acting at Dunton. It reminded me of Julia Roberts getting on Richard Gere’s private jet in Pretty Woman.
  4. img_0139

    I’ve never been on a plane before

    7. Dunton was the inverse of the evil genius of the German spa Nina and I went to. Whereas Tegenserre was all mirrored surfaces and ultramodern, Dunton was rustic yet luxurious.

  5. img_9984

    Great design, I love the metal drum as a planter, it fit in so perfectly.

    8. Nina said she could recognize my “spa face” as I relaxed in the mineral tinged waters of the spring. It was so relaxing and luxurious to take in the steam and warm water while snow fell around us.

  6. (9) And then there was the bar …
  7. img_9925

    Only top-shelf scotch and booze and meticulously concocted mixed drinks, all included.

    10. So naturally this happened …

  8. img_9880

    I definitely have a drink in my other hand. Scheissehund got to come and ate nothing but steak from my hand while sitting on my lap at the table

It was a ten hour drive to get there but one we gladly did to be at our friend’s wedding. I was so overwhelmed with the generosity of her family to host everyone at this beautiful venue that I gave a loopy (drunk) toast with a dog up my shirt and called it a night.

It was a gorgeous weekend and the boys did fine at home with Bina watching them. I left a shitload of food for them in the fridge (royal curry and pad thai, their fave) and they had a fun weekend of sleepovers, a basketball game and snowboarding.

I was super happy to see them when we got home and they were so sweet and psyched to see us. I am grateful for my family.

Now we are back to living our regular life and not the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous like we did in Dunton.


Real life. Real talk.

Thank you Cat for including us in your wonderful wedding, it was an experience I will never forget and I’m really sorry that Loony fell asleep on the couch and we had to leave before Werewolf started.

Cat is sending me fun texts from her honeymoon in London.


Why isn’t this store a thing in Boulder?

I’m trying not to get too despondent over the shit happening in politics, although it is hard not to.



I’ve joined the Indivisible Boulder movement and have pledged to do their three things a week religiously.


This sign in front of Foolish Craig’s was a good reminder

So what else is going on …

Itchy needed a haircut and I love my gal at Great Clips. So does he but he won’t say as much because he’s eleven but I know better. When I told him it was hair cut time he said, “JUST AS LONG AS IT IS ANYONE BUT THERESA!” so I made sure we got her.

He put on a magnificent show of pre-teen apathy but she’s just so good with him that he couldn’t keep himself from beaming under all the attention she was giving him.

Loony is trying to sell the giant disco ball he bought for that party ages ago.


This is an actual photo of our ball. It’s big.

I’m working on a new ceramics project. I’m making it to replace my vertical garden but I might continue to develop the idea as a friend of mine said she thinks they would sell.

The are mean to hang on a wall and have drainage in the back. They are prettier than these …


Florafelt Pocket Garden

It works okay but I find plants dry out way too fast (I have to water them twice a day) and unless the plants get big enough to cover the pockets (which mine haven’t) they aren’t very attractive.

I also made this chubby little chicken …


The model is in the front

It’s modeled on a vintage Playskool toy the boys had that survived the purge. I love the shape so much.

I’ve been snowboarding with the boys a lot. We’ve gone every weekend since I got the pass in early December. They are both getting so good and it really is a pleasure to do something we all enjoy rather than me biding my time with some kid friendly activity that doesn’t challenge me. It won’t be long until they are better than me.

I especially like subjecting them to weird podcasts that I love on the drive to the resort. Love+Radio is hand’s down my favorite because it’s all about really strange people. As you know, I love strange people and homeboy here takes the cake.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.03.00 PM.png

Unlike many of their episodes, it’s kid friendly (i.e. no bizarre sex/torture stuff but there are f-bombs galore). Give it a listen.

And I’m reading a lot. Here are some great quotes …

See you in a couple weeks or as MPT would say, “GOODBYE! FOREVER!”

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  1. I loved your pictures. What a beautiful place to have a wedding. It is nice that you and your sweetie got to have some couple time. Itchy has your same smile. 🙂 Your hanging garden thingies are quite hip.

    • Why thank you! I have a couple of new patterns in the works. I would like to do some production pottery for fun and have some good ideas in the works.

    • Aw, you are so sweet. I got a really nice text from a reader/friend yesterday that was so encouraging, too. Are you a local? Maybe one of these days I should put it out there that I’m going to be at a bar and we can meet IRL and make some memories together. But usually the making of my stories isn’t quite as fun as the retelling. Although that’s not always true, there is nothing like topless sunbathing with a bunch of hot pole dancers.

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