That and $3.50 Will Get You A Cup Of Coffee

If you were wondering if my two-week absence was due to alcohol poisoning or being in a 30-day rehab, you would be wrong.

Did I Say Rooster?

I also thought that Radish’s passing would be a good opportunity to get an honest feel for how my neighbors actually felt about his incessant crowing.

Thanks for the Blowjob!

This morning I saw my neighbor getting into her car and I thanked her for the cup of coffee she left for me after I used my snowblower to clear her sidewalk. She replied (yelling from across the street), “And thank YOU for the blowjob.” Did I mention she’s retired pediatric nurse practitioner and educator […]

Snow Day and Just In Time

After taking one fall and experiencing zero pain, I realized that the mountain was my bitch.