Pajama Jeans

How did last night’s family time go?


Let’s just say that Loony and I had a rather needed conversation about showing up for our kids, listening to them empathetically and not just focusing on what small incident brought up feelings, and thinking hard about what they hear come out of our mouths.


I worry that my kids lack knowledge and context it takes to know when we (Loony) are being intentionally sarcastic for the sake of humor and not just ignorant AF.

Humor is a tricky thing. Ever since I’ve had kids I’m more careful about it around them because they internalize and repeat everything. What might be said in jest could come out of their mouths in a totally inappropriate way, and it wouldn’t be their fault.

Like that time I saw 9 to 5 starring Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin.


I saw it on TV as a kid in the 4th grade and there was a part where the ladies smoked some weed and were laughing it up. One of them said, “I think I’m stoned!”

I had no idea what pot was and I assumed that being stoned meant having a laugh attack. So imagine the horror on everyone’s face when I was at a gathering of my mother’s friends and something cracked me up and I started laughing uncontrollably and 10 year-old me burst out, “I THINK I’M STONED!”


I was glad to go walking with a friend today, I really miss having a dog that wants to walk with me. I have a sense of purpose when I’m walking a dog. When I’m without a dog I’m just that crazy person who talks to herself.

I spent the entire day on the computer after taking the Scheissehund sweater shopping.


The weather is finally cooling down and he needs to wear a layer even inside. The problem with his clothes is that they are tiny and get lost … like socks. Somewhere there is a huge stash of sweaters just waiting for him.

Blue is feeling better, too.


I meant to eat a healthy lunch today, like I had yesterday when Sideboob came over…


… but my only avocado was rock hard so I did this instead.


You gotta love Pajama Jeans. Normally they aren’t the kind of thing I’d go anywhere near but Steven wears them all the time and he’s fabulous, so why can’t I?


He changed out of his Pajama Jeans into this

I’m a little worried about the reviews.


“We are both 70+ and look great!!!”


I’m trying to mix it up, though. Sideboob commented that I wasn’t wearing my usual one pair of sweatpants and that I looked mighty fine. I’ve got to keep it up while not sacrificing absolute comfort. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My Parasitic Twin sent me this lovely message, just to keep me feeling inspired.




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