Dog Drama aka Things That Can Be Fixed

Dog health update (because I know Mary is worried) …

Blue seems to be doing better. I showed up at the vet’s door at 8am with a baggie of feces in hand.


How the vet tech looked when I gave it to her

That turned out to be a good strategy because 1) I didn’t need an appointment and they analyzed it right then and there and 2) determined that Blue has clostridium bacteria in his gut which is okay in small amounts but it can get out of hand and cause problems 3) which was the diagnosis the last time he got this sick but 4) because the vet didn’t actually see him it only cost me $112 for the fecal sample and pills rather than the whopping $700 it cost last time.

I raced home with his pills, shoved them down his throat with a cold cuts chaser and cooked up a giant pot of rice and ground turkey, doctor’s orders.

He had the butt faucet once more today which looks like this …


This is AFTER 36 hours of intense bowel vacating, and it’s outside. Imagine what the first rounds looked like. Inside the house.

I held onto the Rug Doctor until the last minute, redoing all the carpets just because. Blue doesn’t often get sick but when he does, it’s a disaster.

Pro tip, if you decide to get a Great Dane, invest in a Rug Doctor.


If I had the closet space, I’d totally get one of these.

I’ve done at least 15 loads of laundry, what with Scheissehund throwing up in Itchy’s bed two days in a row (yes, he might be sick as well) and me using  all the blankets in the house to cover rugs because it’s easier to throw a blanket in the washing machine on hot with bleach than it is to shampoo the carpets.


Do you like what I’ve done with the place?

Blue is into the turkey and rice and showing some appetite (a good sign) but we are taking it slow. He’s had a couple servings and it didn’t immediately come flying out of his ass (another good sign). He even peed a few times which means he’s not too dehydrated.

I picked up a duck toy for him at the store – his fave – and he really perked up, he even pranced around with it. In other words, he isn’t acting like he’s on death’s door which is how he was acting this morning.


I’m going to watch movies with Blue in the living room tonight so Loony can get some sleep. I’m not certain we are out of the woods yet but it will be nice to have a sleepover with the big guy.

Sorry for all the drama, I get that way when he gets sick what with everyone telling me that he’s going to drop dead any day now because he’s a Dane and they don’t live very long.

Welp, at least the house is super clean and a friend dropped off a sandwich for me to share with Anita for lunch just as I was taking a break between floors. I am thankful for the kindness of my friends who take my pet crises as seriously as I do.

10 thoughts on “Dog Drama aka Things That Can Be Fixed

  1. It is so stressful when our puppies are ill. I remember when Baby Stell had a bacterial infection(we found out later from the stool sample) I came out from yoga and opened my car door, the smell almost knocked me over. It was like someone took liquid shit in a hose and went crazy. She was so stressed and embarrassed and I was so grossed out. I would periodically say, “SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!(no pun intended) teehee then comfort her and say it’s ok, you are a good girl……I had to wait outside the gym for someone to open the door so I wouldn’t have to touch the handle.(I had to do this 3x)I used mass amounts of paper towels. BTW I love your vintage blanket(tan & orange one) I am glad Blue is on the mend 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that Blue is feeling better. And thank you for sharing this and your challenges with your mother-in-law. What I saw when I read that first post was so much love. I am sorry for your hard times and heartened to read about the patience of your husband and how much you love him.

    P.S. I didn’t know that Danes had short lives until you wrote about it. And now I worry for him and for you when something like this happens.

  3. This is good news indeed! I had similar issues with Hermes recently… and the result was not a happy one. His diagnosis was lymphoma. So, I’ve been thinking of you guys and holding my breath and hoping everything was going to be okay. Heal up Blue! 😀

    • I am so sorry to hear about Hermes, my heart is with you. Blue is improving (he has an appetite, his mood is back to normal, he’s drinking) but he’s not 100% yet. Let’s hope two full days of meds will do the trick.

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