Hidden Treasure

I’m blogging more these days because I don’t have Facebook as a place for me to leave mementos of my day.

If preserving the minutia of my life is the goal, Facebook is perhaps the worst platform to use (aside from Snapchat for obvious reasons).

For one, you don’t own your pictures or posts. Facebook owns it. And you can’t search for anything, at least on my blog I can search for past posts in a logical way.

Here are a bunch of pictures of things that happened yesterday so I can delete them from my computer but not my memory. You know I am afraid of amnesia, right?


Loony and I had lunch at Zoe Ma Ma and saw this extra appropriate sign on the street. It’s how I feel right now.

We are trying to connect more, hence the lunch. I’m calling him more often to just say hi and hear his voice and not just bark orders at him or demand to know where the fuck he is. I’m trying.

But I did order Sideboob and her husband around.


My internet was so fucked up. But because I have four different routers it is impossible for me to figure out what the problem is. But that’s Justin’s job.


Sideboob and I drank white wine while he unscrambled the mess that is my wireless situation. AND Sideboob figured out why Scratchy’s phone wouldn’t load Google which was no small feat because it had nothing to do with routers but something to do with his world clock being set wrong. Random.


Loony scaled Blue’s teeth while the good boy just lay there like a perfect dog. He’s so sweet. We’d get the cops called on us if we tried that on Scheissehund, what with all the screaming and bloody murder.

But he’s so fucking tiny and cuuuuute.

A friend of mine built a really swanky kennel for him. I had him in a shitty plastic carrier but I’ve wanted a nicer looking kennel ever since I realized that there is no getting away from crate training. Plus, he likes being in it.


Now all it needs is a snazzy faux finish paint job and it will be perfect.

I’m snapping out of my post-election funk in part due to listening to Dan Savage talk about the election and what we need to do next, and by watching therapeutic videos like this.

You gotta watch it up until at least 2:30, oh my god. “Hidden treasure,” so classic.

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  1. Meiner Hund ist auch einen Scheißehund. Sie hat unter der Tafel, unter das Bett, und auch in das Auto GESCHEISSEN! Gestern habe ich an die scheiße Gesetzen! Was gibt? Einen Scheissehund ist zu viel Scheißehunden.

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