Does This Rabbit Make Me Look Fat?

Yes it does. It makes me look pregnant.

I had two birthday celebrations. One was at Emily’s house which I agreed to because it was actually an early Thanksgiving dinner seeing as how we are going to be in Mexico for T-day.

They got a Flemish Giant rabbit for their son and at just a few months old that bad boy is 11 pounds. He will continue growing for a couple years! This would be the answer to my giant fuzzy-mammal-belly-quest if it weren’t for the fact that rabbits are not cats which in and of itself isn’t a problem except that most rabbits are snootier than cats.


Regard the belly. Both mine and Kevin’s.

And then there’s that peeing/pooping everywhere and chewing on electrical cords thing. I already have a pet that pisses and shits wherever he wants so I don’t think adding another one to the mix would be a good idea.

But oh, the ears!


I dislike my birthday if you haven’t already figured that out, but today was really nice. Especially when some new friends messaged me in the afternoon that they had made a Swedish Princess Torte for me.

I got them into The Great British Bake-Off and expressed the desire to eat the crap out of one of these beauties. This mother-daughter team loves a challenge.

Nothing says happy birthday like a birthday miracle, which this certainly was.

I was hoping for another birthday miracle in the form of a super fat cat and for a second I thought I found it.

But alas, the last thing I need is a big cat flaunting his belly around me and then vanishing behind the couch.



Really? No way.

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