Pajama Jeans

So imagine the horror on everyone’s face when I was at a gathering of my mother’s friends and something cracked me up and I started laughing uncontrollably and 10 year-old me burst out, “I THINK I’M STONED!”

Things That Make Me Feel Better

Recently I had coffee with a friend who is in a difficult place. After an hour or so she said she was tired and wanted to take a nap, at 10am. I told her that she should go for a hike, take a real shower and not the BS “mom shower” that lasts 90 seconds, put […]

Dog Drama aka Things That Can Be Fixed

Dog health update (because I know Mary is worried) … Blue seems to be doing better. I showed up at the vet’s door at 8am with a baggie of feces in hand. That turned out to be a good strategy because 1) I didn’t need an appointment and they analyzed it right then and there and […]

Emo is My New Normal

Reader Warning: This is a bullshit, unedited, low-effort post. I’m experiencing a creative disconnect. I woke up this morning feeling very emo but now – after enjoying the restorative powers of good food, yoga, a hot shower and not being sticky and itchy at all times – my mood is improved. But I was into […]

Does This Rabbit Make Me Look Fat?

This would be the answer to my giant fuzzy-mammal-belly-quest if it weren’t for the fact that rabbits are not cats which in and of itself isn’t a problem except that most rabbits are snootier than cats.

And Now I’m A Cat … Sort of

It’s OK to talk about the election – t would be wrong to talk about anything else – but I don’t think I want to clean my house (twice) and deal with the logistics of having people over and then the inevitable food and red wine hangover. All to talk about Trump.

Coping Strategies of the White and Privileged

It’s not exactly rabbit like. The eyes are too close together, the ears are too far apart, the eyebrows too developed, but I like it. It’s a rabbit-cat-dog thing and while I worked on it I didn’t feel crushed by the events of the last 48 hours.