What I Love Most About Halloween

I’ve been home for well over a week but today is the first day I’ve felt like blogging. It’s because yesterday was my birthday. Kind of.

It was actually My Parasitic Twin’s birthday but seeing as how we are twins and all, by extension it was my birthday, too.


The night before was the annual Society Halloween party and she agreed to let my kids sleep over at her house as long as I tidied up her place in the morning, seeing as how it was her birthday and no one should lift a finger to clean on their birthday.

While I partied and had a great time at Halloween, I (being well aware of my curse which is to wake up at 6am regardless of what time I went to sleep or my hangover status) switched to water about two hours before I went to bed and was able to wake up at 6:00 (natch) feeling mostly okay.


I felt mostly goofy this Halloween

Here are pictures from the night before. They are all taken at the pre-party BTW.

Do you know what my favorite part of Halloween is?



Boobies and cat belly are my two favorite things to rub my face in and believe me, I got a lot of booby action at Halloween. I loves them.

So the next morning I went to MPT’s house and tidied up and then cooked cheese grits with poached eggs and Greek lemony chicken and rice soup because, like me, MPT loves soft foods.

She padded downstairs and I set her up on her favorite chair with coffee and breakfast.


I also lent her my crotch warmer

She wanted me to stick around and tell her about a really weird conversation I had in the hallway with a frenemy that pretty much turned into a five minute encounter session with other parents acting as … witnesses? mediators? … and I was so tired by telling the story that this happened.


I think napping on the couch with MPT was my greatest gift to her because my frenetic energy stresses her out.

Around lunchtime Loony called to tell me that everyone was hungry and needed someone to make a decision. So I decided we were going to eat sandwiches so he picked up some Snarfs, we gorged and then I did this for the rest of the day.


It’s the first time in a very long time that I can remember staying in my PJs all day. I hung out in the sunroom and read with Bartleby. It was amazing.

Everyone was all out of sorts from being up all night. Itchy came home and spent the day reading in bed, Scratchy passed out just before dinner and Lonny spent the day organizing his closet while I endeavored to be still.

I guess Loony figured that since it was my (sort of) birthday, he’d give me the gift of my own closet. You see, I don’t have a closet. It’s true!

I share a closet with the boys while he as two closets that are so jammed full that he can’t use them. So he’s emptying them out and taking the clothes to his warehouse to sell because he only really uses the top four inches of of couple of his drawers. The rest is deep storage.

Maybe one day I’ll have a closet of my own.

Anyway, this ultrachill day was incredible. I think I ought to check out more library books because the due date focuses me on reading. Otherwise the books languish next to my bed … forever.

Coming back from Eurotour 2016 was a whirlwind. We ended our trip in Regensburg because Nina (who I think I might start calling Sideboob from now on) in her infinite wisdom thought that hanging out in a UNESCO World Heritage Site would be more interesting than staying at an airport hotel in Munich.

Oh, and Walhalla was right there.

Regensburg was gorgeous and we enjoyed what we could given the shortness of our stay.

Dream Lover asked me if I would do him a teensy favor and take some stuff home with me so he wouldn’t have to schlep it all over Europe for the next two months.


That black bag is all his stuff, plus some in the purple bag.

He was so sweet as to send me these when I got home …


And then everyone went all goo-goo-ga-ga over what a cute couple we are …


… and I’m like, Ha! I wish. There’s just a couple small things standing in the way of our love. But whatever, this is one rumor I’m more than happy to have floating around about me.

So Nina and I dropped off the Peugeot at the Budget Rent-a-car at the airport after stopping for some wifi at McDonalds, which is the only reason we went to McDonalds.


Okay, I’ll admit I tried one of their desserts just to see if McDonalds only sucked in the USA. Sadly, the dessert tasted very American but it still is way nicer than anything I’ve seen back home.

Nina and I parted ways after dropping off the car and I started my journey back.


The guys picked me up at the airport around 8:30PM and I was sooo happy to see them. I missed them so much. I dropped my bags at the door and immediately went to bed.

I was wide awake by 3am which actually worked out okay because it gave me a solid four hours to clean the house, do laundry and unpack before anyone got up. I went back to bed after everyone went to school and was able to make it through the day, which included dropping off new dishes for MPT.


While I was able to mostly stay awake and sleep at appropriate times, I had that headachy, jet laggy feeling for a few days. My dad and step mom showed up that night for a quick birthday visit with Scratchy.

I was pretty out of it but I enjoyed being with them, being home, and cooking dinner for the first time in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Sideboob and I sexted each other.

So yeah, the last two weeks have been kind of wonderful, tiring, happy, you name it. Ultimately, it is so good to be home.


Scratchy getting his hair cut and trying not to show how delighted he is by all the attention his lovely hairdresser is giving him.





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