Growin’ Out Ma Hair: Month 2

I promised Penny that I’d take pictures of my hair as I grow it out so here is what it looks like after one month (plus change).

Hair: Month 2.jpg

It looks like it grew almost an inch in a month which is about right.


Hair Chart Month 2.jpg

I’m wavering on what to do with it. Do I grow it all the way out? That was my plan per Penny and My Parasitic Twin but then My Dream Lover said that he likes my bob. The TSA guy at the airport looked at my passport (mit bangs – that’s German for with bangs FYI) and said he likes me better without them so I guess it’s settled.

So I’m definitely growing my bangs out but the jury is still out on overall length.

This is important shit!


Last night Nina and I went to the Vienna opera house and saw the ballet. As I described it to Itchy, the first one was really boring, the second one was really weird, and the third one was really great.

Like Goldilocks but with ballet.

I checked the internet for a cute Goldilocks meme and this turned up.


What the everlasting fuck?

Seriously internet, there is something really wrong with you.

I’m going to refrain from posting pictures because it makes more sense to wait for Nina to edit her photos and put those up instead but I will leave you with this picture.


Pre-blogging snack for the two of us

So far Vienna has been very relaxing. I don’t walk out of the hotel feeling immediately lost and panicked and Nina is so easy to travel with.

We have similar habits, we like to take a break mid-day to rest and do some blogging, and we are both committed to eating as much pastries as possible, like this tasty little morsel I had before lunch today …


Mine was coffee cream, her’s was rose flavored and it was delicious.

Tomorrow we leave for Prague where I’ll be reunited with My Dream Lover. He sent me this funny text regarding his look for the competition.


I love him so much.

I super miss my boys, too. Last night Loony told me that he really appreciates everything I do. I don’t recall him saying that the last time I left which means he must be hardcore in the weeds. Heheh.

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