Travel Twin Powers Activate! Part One: Iceland

At this very moment I am lounging in a quaint hotel in Oberammergau with Nina. We flew in this afternoon after 24 hours in Iceland together (Nina was there a few days prior) and spent the better part of the afternoon driving around the German countryside, but that’s for another post.

This post is about Iceland.

I left Boulder on Thursday for a non-stop flight to Iceland and arrived at 6:30 the next morning. My flight got in an hour early so I had time to collect my bag and get coffee before Nina showed up. We immediately hit the road.

Our first stop was a crater lake.

The nice thing about early starts is that we managed to avoid the tour busses at every stop and have the place almost entirely to ourselves.

The only exception was a very off-the-beaten-path waterfall Nina read about in travel blogs. It was muddy and almost unmarked but known for having the bluest water.

Unfortunately a group of photographers were there before us and stubbornly boogered the landscape with their bodies and tripods. Other than that, we got to experience Iceland relatively free from tourists … says the pot calling the kettle black.

The weather was gorgeous and ever changing. We gambled on being there off season and reaped the benefits. Iceland has been very successful in drawing tourism but they are still figuring out how to manage the sheer volume of people. Being there off-season cuts down on the crowds.

Here’s a video of some of our stops.

We skipped the Blue Lagoon as it is notoriously crowded and commercial and opted for a lovely hot spring that was serenely located next to a lake and only had each other and a few other people for company.

The tomato greenhouse where we planned to have lunch was closed for cleaning so went to a fancy restaurant were I indulged in langostines and halibut cheeks.

For dinner we went to a more local place in Reykjavik where the fare was simpler and felt more like what normal people eat. These days I’m more into local cuisine rather than haute cuisine.

Nina wanted to try licorice ice cream – something you can’t find in Boulder – so we stopped at the place just next door to where we had dinner.


FYI, this is not an okay color for ice cream

Because we were leaving early the next morning, we stayed at a guesthouse near the airport about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. It was low-slung and unimpressive from the outside but the room was very nice and we both got a good night’s sleep amidst the driving wind.

The airport suffers from growing pains with the check-in lobby fully packed and chaotic at six in the morning. Luckily I had Nina to cut through the crowds so we could get where we needed to be on time.


She has sharp elbows

The flight to Munich as blissful. I watched a movie, had a little to eat, and slept like a baby. I hope to avoid the worst of jet lag but I find that at almost 11PM right now, I’m not interested in sleep at all.

Here are some of photos Nina took (they are much nicer than mine).

I’m going to need it because tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us: a castle, hiking and spa.



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