Hair Envy

I have more important things to write about but this one is about my hair.

I feel like it might be time for a change ever since my sweet Penny stopped doing hair in Boulder (she moved, sniff). Not only because I loved the way she cut my hair, but because I didn’t mind going in every five weeks because we had such a fun time talking shit catching up.

My new stylist is perfectly fine but she isn’t Penny. No one could be Penny.


I had super long hair for 18 years before I went short. Regard …

Dave Labrum

Did I mention I had a bangin’ body to go with it?

The ship has sailed as far as getting that body back but I know I can grow my hair out. In fact, when I asked my new stylist to trim my hair above my earlobes she asked me if I had told her to do that last time, because my hair was an inch below my ears.

“Yep, my hair grows like a mother fucker.”


I haven’t seen it

My Beautiful Dream Lover spent the weekend with us because Nina and I wanted to climb a mountain before it gets too late and since he just can’t get enough of me dragging him out of bed at 4 in the fucking morning he came up the night before.


Loony just happened to come home with a crazy $10 dress he found at Goodwill and I was dying to put Steven in it. But first I put Nina in it.


Sorry it’s out of focus. My phone was acting all weird.

That baby weighs 20 pounds and is so long that Steven needs to wear six-inch heels to keep it from dragging on the ground, and he’s six feet tall.


He totally goes with the room’s decor.

I hauled the dress up to Diamond Lake in a big backpack and I laced him into it at dawn for a photo shoot. I’m waiting on the pictures but I must say that watching him flip his hair around made me yearn for long hair again.

Plus, he puts it up and sticks a chopstick in it like I used to do, which I really liked.


Steven just read my Pole Theater blog and was like, “It’s all about me!” Yep, I’m creepy that way and take pictures of everything.


I’ll post pictures from the shoot once Nina edits the photos, aka makes me look thinner and younger.

I figure I could get it half way down my back in a couple of years. But I want to be able to wear it down which I never could do when it was all one length.

Naturally I consulted with Penny first because it’s important to do due diligence when making vapid decisions of little consequence.


This is what I’m going for.


Like this, only without the RBF

Penny insisted that I take pictures and document the growth so here we go. Picture number one.


Otherwise things are going well. Grandma is setting in just fine and I am enjoying having her around. Do you know who else loves having her here?

She’s the easiest person to be around and the boys like having her here, too. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m so happy she is with us. Scheissehund enjoys having a reliable lap to sit in.

I ran into these ladies at the gym today.


The woman sandwiched between the two lunatics is perfectly normal and sweet

The crazy bitch in the green is a fanatic about Christmas. She installed a countdown to Christmas app on my phone and is going to decorate the outside of my house for me. I can’t wait to see what she does. If it’s good I’ll leave it up all year and make people think I kooky about Christmas, too.

6 thoughts on “Hair Envy

  1. When I met you your hair was super long(back when you were 19yrs old)but you never wore it down. You would slick it back into a 1/2 ponytail then wear it braided.
    I do love you in bangs. Can’t wait to see your new look.

  2. Okay – probably no one else catches up on Vivblogs while watching Boulder City Council reruns (give me a break – I don’t always watch CC live) plus who could catch up dates on when the pole dancers are in town and the drama if CC is going to put the Sugar Tax on the Ballot – and BTW (for international Viv followers) the Sugar Tax folks are neighbors of Viv! Love our ‘Hood’

  3. The sugar tax people are your neighbors and you live across the street from the “Mork and Mindy” house? That’s funny! You have gorgeous hair and I’m looking forward to the “hair growth photo diary!” Love it when you write about beautiful Steven – It should become a weekly feature.

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