Stranger Things

I find myself awake and writing at 3am due to unhappy circumstances. Poor Blue needed to go out and couldn’t make it to our room fast enough to get us up. I heard him start up the stairs, trip and then go back down. I lay awake in anticipation of him trying again (I wasn’t sure his reason for coming up) and then caught the first whiff.

Guess what I did for the next 30 minutes?

The poor thing was mortified and me … sad. He is aging very quickly and while this might be a one-off, I see markers of his decline coming closer and closer together.

I could never have a Dane again. My vet put it best, Danes will break your heart.


Sweet baby dog

Last night I finished watching Stranger Things with the family, a Netflix original series that is a loving homage to the ’80s soft-horror genre. Soft because it bears no resemblance to the cinema of pain that is now our horror scene with torture porn the likes of Saw.

This is more like Goonies with a harder edge.


I started the series on my own late one night after something had gotten me up. After two episodes I knew that this would be perfect for my family so I stopped watching and rebooted it the next day with my somewhat unwilling kids.


Itchy does an impression of Wallace from the Wallace and Gromit movies

My boys don’t like horror, nor do I – but the classic monster narrative, the brilliant young cast and their hero’s journey, the set design, costuming and music – it all harkened back to my youth.


I constantly struggle to find shows that appeal to the kids without insulting everyone’s intelligence. Loony and I were thrilled to find something we all could get into although the price we had to pay was freaked out kids sleeping in my bed each night.


But then again, I get to wake up to this

Last night we binged on the last two episodes and afterwards I leashed up the dogs to take them on their bedtime constitutional and both kids wanted to go with me. The sky lit up with thunder and lightning and we reveled in the creepiness of the night.

“This is the perfect night for watching a scary movie!” said Scratchy. Outside, in the blustery night with my dogs and Bates (he always walks with us) and my kids all pleasantly creeped out … I was full of parental joy.

I remember discussing having children with my ex-husband and the only thing he seemed truly excited about was watching creature features under a pillow fort with his kids.



As far as a list of pros and cons go, his was a little light on the pro side and obviously we never did it. But tonight I understood why it appealed to him and I held him in my heart as we huddled together in the dark room, captivated by the screen, all feeling the same excitement and dread together.


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  1. My bed is full of dogs and hubby(and it’s a double). I remember one time when I was at the gym(Baby Stell went with me) I went back to the car and found that there was liquid shit everywhere. I was yelling, “Shit, Shit!(no pun intended haah)while saying to Baby Stell, “It’s ok, you’re ok….shit! shit!” I had to comfort her letting her know I wasn’t mad. So I had to get paper towels in the locker room, use their dumpster, then wait for someone to come out of the gym, so I wouldn’t have to touch the handle. I had to do this 3 times before I was ready to head home where I was able to scrub it. It ended up that our poor girl had a bacterial infection. I hope your Blue is feeling better. It is so difficult to watch your fur babies decline.

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