Mile High Chiweenie

Hey there! I haven’t written for AGES, I realize this. The reason is that I’m either getting out of town or getting back in town.

A couple of weeks ago we met up with Loony’s family in a rented beach house in the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.

We flew out this year because after hoofing it cross country twice last year by car, and with the really busy summer schedule, I couldn’t do a two-day drive again. Not yet.

But Scheissehund got to fly for the first time which is good because he was not going to tolerate being left at home.


It’s settled. I’m going with you.

He was dreamy to travel with in his tiny carrier and he didn’t make a peep the entire time.

I love seeing Loony’s family and the kids had a great time. The ocean was warm and we spent a lot of time in the water and walking on the shore.

We had a sobering moment when the beach was suddenly flooded with emergency vehicles. A boy struggled with the riptide and his father pushed him safely out of the waves but ended up drowning himself. The boy was Itchy’s age and the man was a strong swimmer and in his 40s.

I saw the emergency truck speed by the house with the man in the back as the EMT’s did chest compressions. That could have been us.

The ocean scares me. The surf was powerful and unpredictable and I was grateful to have so many strong cousins to accompany me and Loony into the water with the boys.

These trips get more relaxing with each passing year. I feel like a more relaxed person and the kids are so much more self sufficient. Itchy took part in all the activities like playing Bridge and doing puzzles. He felt like a teenager.


Finishing one of two puzzles

Scratchy was in heaven with his cousin Perry, on break from Georgetown. He has a major boy-crush on Perry and I can’t think of a better role model.


Scratchy’s cousin and hero

We took an excursion to Shackleford Island where the wild horses live and thought we found buried treasure (it was just a very thick plank of wood) and a Loggerhead turtle shell.

It’s a big deal to get three families together every summer. I get to show up and have a lovely time with family, but so much planning and effort goes into it and I’m grateful that Loony’s siblings always step up to make sure they happen.

It warmed my heart to hear Scratchy say on the last day that it’s hard leaving these reunions. They are so much fun for him. We are all very fortunate.


We came home on a Sunday and by Friday we were on the road again for our final trip of the summer.

My iPhoto is having trouble catching up with my prodigious picture taking so I’ll save that trip for next time.

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