Doing the Summer Thing

Nina said that a friend noticed that lately I haven’t been as quick to reply to emails and texts. She didn’t mean it in a negative way, more of a “I wonder what Viv’s up to,” way.

Nina’s response was perfect. “Vivienne is really engaged in her kids this summer and not as available.”

She nailed it. I really want my kids to have a great summer of being active and outdoors. As much as I’d like that to happen on its own (without the aid of camps) I have to be in it with them.

At first it seemed like a big sacrifice – and I am sacrificing my free time and doing stuff like blogging, hanging out with friends, talking on the phone with my dad (call me after you read this), being available for drop-in’s with people, etc – but it feels right.


A compliment from a fellow working/SAHM is the best

In as few words as possible, I’ll catch you up on what I’ve been doing since the last time I blogged.

This summer has been all about the outdoors. I put it on my calendar to do at least two outings a week that involve hiking or swimming. We’re exploring the creek and pools other than the lame-o one down the street.

The Facebook page I set up for getting kids together for summer activities is really working. Not only do I post my activities there, other people have been getting into it.

A gal-pal of mine proposed a spur-of-the-moment mom and kids overnighter at the YMCA (emphasis on the C, by the way) Camp of the Rockies in Estes park. Me and another mom jumped on it and joined her for a quicky getaway.

Loony was disappointed that he wasn’t invited but there was no way I could arrange for a dog-sitter, house-sitter and  Airbnb manager at such a late date, someone had to stay home. Plus, it was fun just getting moms and kids together.

We are totally doing it again but not at the YMCA camp, it was overpriced and not that great. What the kids loved more than anything was being able to hang out with each other.

I avoided missed going to the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur last year. It’s a hot, dry and expensive ordeal excursion but the kids really love it. I leave Loony at home because he gets cranky at these things whereas I can get into the spirit of constantly digging out my wallet for more shitty and fattening snacks.

My Other Asian Daughter posted on FB that she was going so I jumped at the chance to go with someone fun and who I knew would be into it.


I love her so much and yes, that is a funnel cake.

The thing about Ren festivals is that the main event is the jousting tournament. It is an impressively choreographed event with fake blood and battles to the death. That’s all good but you have to listen to them drone on and on about honor and glory and chivalric codes, blah, blah over a poorly mic’ed PA system which you cannot understand a word of. But then they finally get to it.

It’s all good fun.

Loony  has been yapping about wanting to take the boys up their first 14er, and not insignificantly our first in about 15 years.

We climbed about 24 of them before we had kids but all that shit came to a halt once we got domestic. I was into the idea but I knew that I would have to take the lead or else it would never happen.

Doing a 14er takes a plan, some strategic packing and a very early wake-up call. You don’t just wake up around 9am and decide to climb a big peak. Not if you don’t have a death-by-lightning wish.

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It wasn’t all family time, I did some things just for myself. My Other Asian Daughter organized a picnic at the Boulder Reservoir for me and some friends. I dropped the boys off at a Magic tournament and spent a lovely afternoon having lunch and swimming with my other kids.

A girlfriend got wind that something might be going on and wanted to join in.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.43.35 PM

Family picnic? That’s cute. Actually, it was a family picnic because despite my lecherous comments I feel like these people are my family and I really adore them.

Sweet Bina threw a fundraising party for her Burning Man camp. I went with my buddy Chris and had a grand time flirting our asses off.


There was no force Frenching that night because after my debacle with the Fantastic Mr. Fox, I’ve become quite self-conscious about going crazy at parties.

For the record, we flirted with the same guys.

So that’s pretty much it for what I’ve done in the last week. Am I tired? Yep. Do I regret any of it? No.

I have a doctor’s appointment today to have some lumps in my thigh biopsied. I’ve noticed them for some time and while it makes me feel better to hear the doctor say the are probably lipomas (benign fatty tumors) I want to make sure they are not liposarcomas (cancerous fatty tumors).

Liposarcomas are extremely rare but I want to be sure. It is most likely that I’m like an old dog that is getting lumpy with age, but I’m a little nervous. Wish me luck.

PS: The surgeon was “unimpressed” by the ultrasounds and didn’t know why I was recommended to see him. He offered to remove them for me if they were stressing me out, but other than that he said they looked harmless and I should keep an eye on them. Whew.


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