Dog Days of Summer

I pondered the great irony that so far our trips have turned into fiascos because the same kid had to take a shit.

Mother of the Week

I read a parenting book that said when you are overwhelmed with your own kids, just invite a few more over and it will make it easier. I was all, bitch please.

In Full Swing

As the night wore on and I got more drunk I asked some question that I can’t remember and Loony answered, “It might be the panda.”

The Motion of the Ocean

The fleeting and impermanent nature of this trip wasn’t lost on me. I tried to impress on my boys that they should stop and consider that one day these glaciers will be gone and they will be able to say they saw them in person, that they saw them calve into the bay, skipped stones at icebergs, and regarded the mineral blue of the glacial ice that is unlike any blue we’ve ever seen; that children might ask them what it was like.