Colorado Pole Championship 2016

It’s those bleary early morning and late night conversations that are rewarding and memorable. When the eyelashes are off and the hair is in a ponytail is when I get to see the complex individual behind the carefully crafted public persona.

Ein Kleiner Scheiße Hund (aka durnk post)

The next 30 minutes were comprised of me freaking out and random parents who I hardly know making me feel better by showing me pictures of my own kid graduating which is almost as good as being there. But not really.

What’s Up With Russia?

I got a notice today that Congratulations! I have +200 followers. This comes as news to me since I thought I had 670 followers according to my home page. I know that WordPress has a wonky way of counting followers. One person can be counted three times if they follow me on Facebook, Twitter and […]

Clearly the Prozac Hasn’t Kicked In

A friend came over and without going into details, I screamed at him to get the fuck out of my house at the top of my lungs … because he was irritating me.

Mental Health Check

I don’t want to be person who is on anti-depressants her whole life but when I go off of them I am overwhelmed with negative thinking. I see the connections between those thoughts and the lonely life my mother leads. I hear her voice in my head criticizing everyone around me, convincing me that I don’t belong, that I am different, that I am better off without them.

Mother of the Year

If I don’t want stuff for Mothers’ Day, what do I want?
I want to be acknowledged for the things I do as mother, and for that one day don’t want to do any of those things. I want a quiet day to reflect on my journey.

Adventures in Interior Decorating

The beauty of social media is that I can leave out the toil and the days without showering or changing my clothes, and make myself look like an effortlessly creative powerhouse. The truth is that I’m miserably slogging through my list of to-do items. But it’s worth it.