Nothing Compares 2U

I had a little happy hour wake last night in honor of Prince’s passing. It was a fitting send-off in my own, small never-met-him-never-saw-him-in-concert-living-in-Boulder kind of way.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.24.11 AM

The only kind of party I like to throw is the kind that starts at 3 and ends at 7. It doesn’t matter how drunk loud we get because really, who can complain about a party that is over by 7:00?

I don’t have to worry about my neighbors getting angry or my renters complaining. And the kids had a blast because they ran all over the block like a Nerf-weaponized pack of marauding guerillas.

Naturally, everyone had to wear purple, if they loved Prince which clearly Loony and Amy do not.

The more we drank the louder the Prince music got and the better my singing sounded. To me.

I sang a version of Purple Rain that I doubt anyone would be able to tell wasn’t Prince himself singing.

It’s scary how much I sound like him.

Dan, my Best Frenemy Forever (BFF) did some hardcore bonding with Bartleby. He wants to steal him.


He carried him around all night. It was seriously weird. And then there was this …


Yasssss bitch! Werk it! Slay bitch!

This morning I texted him a clipping from the paper where the city is working on a new ordinance to make co-op housing legal.

To be clear, I am totally for co-ops. Live and let live.

What chaps my hide is the proponents of co-operative housing at City Council meeting  were in the “slight majority” but the city is steaming ahead with legalization …because that’s what council people are supposed to do … represent the will of the majority, be it ever so slight.

But at the meetings regarding short term rentals where proponents of STRs were in the vast majority – as in 145 to 2 – they barely passed the most punitive, bullshit, legal in name only, legislation which pretty much gave the finger to at least 75% of the people in the room.

People, like me, who stand to face financial ruin, and not because my investment property isn’t cash-flowing, but because I am not allowed to rent MY OWN HOUSE! THAT I LIVE IN as I see fit even though complies with existing parking, noise, and occupancy regulations.

(Whew. Deep cleansing breaths. I’m not going there again.)

So I had to angry text my BFF.Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.50.51 AM.png

And there he goes with the dog again. YOU CAN’T HAVE MY FUCKING DOG!

Anyway, last night was a perfect afternoon/evening, topped off by Loony opening the extremely valuable wine for people to taste.

He started with the 1963 Chateau de Rothschild, a “tragic” year.

Exhibit A: the cork

IMG_4390Pretty much the perfect specimen. Are those mold spores?

Exhibit B: color and clarity

IMG_4391Brown wine, it’s a thing.

I’m going to let this short video document the crowd’s reaction:

And this is kind of funny. I was in the kitchen when people started yelling for me to come outside.

“Viv, get out here! Radish is in deep shit!”


When I found out that Radish was a rooster, I asked Huong to dispatch him quickly given that she was really good at it when she lived in Vietnam.

She refused, citing religious reasons. In retrospect, I’m glad she didn’t turn him into a hotpot because everyone really likes him.


Oh, and Loony removed the stitches from My Parasitic Twin’s dog’s ear. Because that shit happens.

Rest in peace, Prince. You are already missed.



7 thoughts on “Nothing Compares 2U

  1. The two Prince concerts I attended in Salt Lake City were two of my all time favorite concert experiences. The third was Tina Turner–at the Salt Palace. But, when I think about it, the best of all was the blues concert you and I attended in the mountains outside of Park City one summer evening. I remember standing right in the front with you sitting on my shoulders to get a perfect view. Wow!

    • Yep. Muddy Waters, Blood Sweat and Tears, BB King. It rained and we had tarps over us. Reed’s wife (Karen) had a broken leg but the cast didn’t keep her from dancing. I’m going to drown … in my … own tears …

  2. As a multi-faceted entertainer, Prince had no equal. I first saw him on a last-minute impulse. I heard about his concert on the radio the day of the event. He had gotten scheduled for a show at the last moment, and due to the lateness of the announcement, tickets were still available at the door.

    I went alone and ended up running into John (of John and Tamrika. Blue Plate owners) in the hall before the start. John invited me to watch from a private booth with him and his friends–cushy vibe with free drinks, so I got to revel in my good fortune of being there, getting lit with my friends, and experiencing Prince.

    Prince played every instrument on stage at one time or other, and his dancing—you know what that’s like! But most of all, Prince seemed to enjoy every moment he was there and to appreciate all of us in a very personal way. Perhaps the intimacy of the experience was because of it’s last minute nature—kind of like an after party that just happened, and just happened to be memorable.

  3. I used to jump rope everyday in the early 90’s. One of my favorite tapes to jump rope to was Purple Rain. Now I have the CD and I am off to go listen to it and do some refashion sewing. 🙂 It looked like you guys had a great time.

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