Nobody’s Bitch

It’s 4am and I’m blogging which can mean only one thing … Poopsplotion.

I don’t know what’s going on with all these fucking dogs but I’m pretty sure that Loony’s solution would be to get rid of all of them.

Blue has such a sensitive system that any kind of change really upsets him. In Great Dane speak, that means diarrhea. I’m considering putting him back on anti-anxiety meds because it’s bad for him to be this stressed.

The poor guy has endured so much change in the last month between Chicky dying, Loony being out of town, the whole house upheaval, painting, Steph/Penny showing up, one night with Jax (a failed experiment to try out a new dog) and now Bartleby, he’s a mess.

I’m super fried as well and seeing as how he and I are one, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that he’s feeding off my anxiety.


Crunchy, duh.

Yesterday I dealt with pee, poop and vomit all at once. #livingthedream

I’m pretty sure that Bartleby wasn’t responsible for any of the above because I take him out a lot and I’ve tied a bandana around his waist to keep him from territorial marking until I can get him some proper training.


His “man sash” works great to stop him from marking

It has only been 24 hours, after all.

Blue has the runs from all the upheaval, Steph/Penny got into his food and completely gorged and threw up, and I’m pretty sure it was her who peed by the door because it would have been a lot more had it been Blue (and he NEVER would do that) and Bartleby had his sash on.

Three dogs is too many dogs; I can’t properly attend to them. Steph/Penny goes home today, I’ll talk to the vet about a chill pill for Blue, and I’m doing research on Chihuahua behavior.

Bartleby is ridiculously attached to me having spent the entire day doing errands and sitting on my lap. I busted out the baby sling and he’s pleased as punch to hang out in it all day.


Scratchy gives it a whirl

The issue that is showing up – after only 24 hours – is that he’s become aggressive about me.

If someone tries to pet him while he’s near or on me, he growls and snaps. From the reading I’ve done, he’s establishing himself as the alpha and considers me his property.

I am nobody’s bitch. Except for this guy.


I’m hip to the things I need to do to put myself and the kids above him in the pecking order and I’ll contact the Humane Society later today about a training program. They have great behavioralists.

The good news is that aggression is fairly easy to address, especially within the first few days of him in this new environment. The other good thing is that he’s fucking tiny. I have to remind myself and the kids to not defer to him when he gets smitey. He can’t actually hurt us.

We need to immediately remove him from our laps/couch/bed/etc. when he acts up and put him in his kennel so he understands that his behavior is unacceptable.


Bart and Penny, walking in front of me. Not okay.

I also learned that I shouldn’t pick him up when he starts acting like a dick because getting picked up is what he wants, so I’m basically rewarding him.

I’ve always gotten my dogs more or less fully formed so this is an interesting challenge.

Anyway, that’s what is going on at Chez Frye and GOOD NEWS! Radish is back.

His crow was a little weak from his time servicing someone else’s flock of hens, but apparently he’s got it back.

I’ll be buckling down for the big weather that’s supposed to happen on Friday. I hope it means rain for us and not snow.




7 thoughts on “Nobody’s Bitch

    • We shall see. Chihuahuas are known to be the most aggressive breed. Part of it has to be that they are defensive due to their size, they have to be careful. But the other part is that they are coddled. You’d never pick up a Rottweiler that was acting defensive, you couldn’t. But people always pick up and inadvertently cuddle/reward small dogs that are acting like pricks. It’s so interesting what one can learn on the internet.

    • We shall see. I’m very committed to making it work with the little guy. I like him a lot but he needs to fit into our family and I won’t have him growling at my kids even though he can’t hurt them. I think this is a good opportunity for them to take some responsibility for feeding/walking/training and not just the fun stuff.

  1. Blue’s howl is adorable. That face!! I’m sure he is having a rough time, but there is something about when a dog puckers up those lips and bays that melts my heart every time.

  2. If I were you I would get Blue on anti-anxiety or something to help him with the transition. I think the little dogs have the little man syndrome. Now having had 4 large black dogs in the last 20yrs I have noticed that the little dogs like to find who the biggest dog is on the beach and go for them. What I hate is when someone has a little dog who is lunging at one of my big dogs(90pounds)and they let the behavior continue. (my dog is on a leash, their dog is not)”Pick up you damn dog it weighs less than 20 pounds!” One time I was walking one of my dogs around the neighborhood when a dog came lunging at him. The owner(who I know) was trying to get the dog back to no avail….. while it was hassling my huge dog. I said,”You have 2 seconds to get your dog otherwise I am letting go of the leash” hahahh Amazing how quickly they got their dog. Your new puppy is very cute. I am so happy for you.

    • I think little dogs act like shits because their owners allow it. I’m having none of it. The second he acts aggressive I put him down and shun him for a few minutes. It’s the worst thing in his mind. He’ll figure it out soon enough. I have an appointment at the vet tomorrow to get Bartleby’s license and to discuss some kind of treatment for Blue’s nerves. Steph/Penny is leaving today so that should cut down on some of the chaos. I think we all need to turn the volume down.

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