Who can be sad when there is so much love?

I am simply blown away by this wonderful community I live in.

Every time I turn around there is another bouquet, email, message, card of condolence, kind post on Facebook or my blog, chocolate, wine, cake, help with my kids, offers to travel out of state to get me a puppy! Not to mention Ryan, Shawn and Raymond who helped me in the garage and My Parasitic Twin who dragged me to a bunch of shelters to look at dogs.

And Shareef, always Shareef.

I cannot believe how lucky I am.

We are doing much better at Chez Frye. The boys are back to their usual routine. Scratchy is fine, Itchy is still doing the what if thing … what if it started snowing an hour earlier, what if you had closed the door, what if, what if, what if. But he will be okay. We survived.


I know it’s uncool to screenshot a Snapchat but I saw this today from Nina and couldn’t let it disappear. She sent it the day before Chicky died. He spent the afternoon on her lap.

I’m back at the pottery studio, thank goodness. I decided to go big and immediately bought three bags of clay … the max. I’m doing the unthinkable and making a set of dishes for Emily and Jason.

I’m going to go in every day for eight days and it will be done. And the studio manager will despise me but hey, it’s an honor to have someone actually like and want my work and I love those two so much. I’d do anything for them.

This also made me feel really good.


A classmate wrote this on her intake slip. I could not ask for a nicer compliment.

I love the pottery community. It’s a handful of middle aged people (like myself) a scant few youngsters and a whole lotta senior citizens. I love how inclusive this world is and how one gets better with age rather than having to fade away as is the case with many of the more physical pursuits.

I got a bunch of pieces back from the previous session.

I’m going to throw myself into my work, both at home and at the studio.

The garage is coming along. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why the garage is a garage at all. It is sitting on some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. Why not pour a nice cement floor, put up some dry wall and new windows and turn it into a lovely little studio?

The wheels are turning. I’m happiest and at my best when I am busy.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. I have never felt so supported and loved. The boys and I will be fine and I will get back to sexually inappropriate, drunk blogging soon.

3 thoughts on “Who can be sad when there is so much love?

  1. This post warms my heart. And to think, just because we’ve never actually met in person, I was hesitant to leave a card I’d scribbled, and a bottle of wine at your door last evening. How silly of me. You were on my mind, mainly because of your blog, and also because of le poulet rouge (4 year old lil buddy of mine just loves your ladies – I mean, why wouldn’t he?!? Kid’s got good taste). I simply wanted to thank you for being you, and sharing your experiences, so authentically & unapologetically, with veritable strangers. And THEN I read about sweet Chicky, dried my tears, and decided you were undoubtedly keeping busy & surrounded by loved ones. That said, I’ve got a card with your name on it, and a bottle of wine, too. And next time I’m in Boulder, I will leave it on your porch. Unapologetically.
    Love to you & your boys

  2. Dear Viv,
    Glad you took in your loving friends’ sympathy and best wishes as a welcoming confirmation of our shared path.

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