A drunk conversation with my little dog

I like to have conversations with my pets. Tonight I had this conversation with the Little Dog …

I just want you to know that while I like dogs … a lot, I prefer cats more.

Dogs are kind of like, I love you the way you are, you are perfect, don’t change. Which is great in an unconditional love kind of way, don’t get me wrong, but cats are like, Is that the best you can do?

Cats motivate me to be a better person, to try harder.

Dogs? I can just wear my sweatpants and they won’t even notice. That’s a beautiful thing, but you know, I like to be on my toes, be motivated to doll up a bit? Get it?

Don’t get me wrong, unconditional love in amazing, but I like being motivated to be a better person, even though it makes zero difference to a cat. 

So if I had to choose between cats forever or dogs forever, I choose cats, because I want to be the best person I can.

12 thoughts on “A drunk conversation with my little dog

  1. See??? You CHOOSE to struggle through life! You are such a glutton for punishment Viv. A cat sits on your face one time and you spend the next twenty years relentlessly hoping to be worthy of another sit upon moment! With a dog, they spend the entire twenty years trying to be worthy of YOUR love. Ask me? I “like” cats but I want that guy who meets me at the door askin’ me where I’ve been for soooooOOOOoo long and tellin’ me how much he missed me. Just a thought… oh, and tell Blue to stop on by any time. 😉

  2. Not true. You choose cats because opposite attracts.

    I am a cat by nature: mean, sarcastic and solitary. I choose dogs for the same reason I choose my husband: undying and unconditional love which doesn’t question my authority.

    If you were an animal you would be a loving and devoted big eyed Puppy dog.That’s why I think you like cats. Just my two cents and let’s face it: I don’t give a shit, I like you anyway.

  3. The exchanges above are THE BEST! And you do make a difference–you’re affecting others, who now articulate their deepest thoughts, no matter if politically incorrect, for all to see.
    This post of yours absolutely made my early morning.

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