Yesterday kind of sucked but today is a new day

Thank goodness for the healing powers of industry and informative podcasts. I “discovered” a podcast yesterday that is really interesting me. It’s called The Art of Charm and was mentioned on one of the shows I frequent.

I tend to listen to social science and psychology podcasts and this one sounded right up my alley.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.14.00 PM.png

If I knew off the bat that it was written primarily (if not exclusively) for men, and if I had read the above description, I surely wouldn’t have given it my time, I’m glad I did.

There are hundreds of hours of lessons on how to relate to people, read people, choose your social circle, overcome personal hurdles, strengthen your emotional IQ, achieve your fullest potential (sounds douchy, I know), and it’s all free.

If teenagers were smart, they’d listen to this stuff.

I’m neither a man, nor socially inept, nor looking to find a mate/job/investors but the information – and the well known people presenting it – really blew me away. And it entertained the hell out of me.

I enjoyed listening to how a former Canadian intelligence agent (aka spy) uses social cuing to groom and control his assets. And since my latest obsession has been my friends, it offered me some interesting insights.

The host talked about how you can only go as far as your five closest friends. When I think about those people in my life (all of whom are way more accomplished than me) I feel like I’ll be okay.

Anyway, cool stuff, check it out.

I binge listened while going to town on the Legos et voila!

I’ll start listing these on eBay when Loony goes out of town again.

Meanwhile, Scratchy is sick. He’s down with a fever and sore throat which means house arrest.


The bad news is that it is strep. The good news is that he will feel better soon since I just started him on medication.

And this …


I made congee (asian chicken and rice soup) to feed the sick kid. Check out the recipe here.

My sweet friend Rachel has been very worried about me. She’s holed up with a baby so she knows how it feels to be isolated. She offered to come by but I didn’t want her baby to get sick.

I miss her and Shawn and the raucous pottery potlucks we used to have at my house where we would cook up enormous feasts and get way too drunk for a Wednesday night. I’m really looking forward to summer.

Bluebell asleep 12.5 (4)cropped (Small).JPG

I really, really, REALLY want one

In other news, I think I am going to switch my cat strategy to Ragdolls versus Maine Coons. Mostly because Maine Coons, though the largest breed, are independent and like to be around their owners but not necessarily sitting on their faces.

Ragdolls, on the other hand, are bred for their “floppiness” which I’m pretty sure is a polite way of saying they are super slutty.

My birthday is November 13th.

I mean really, look at that kitten. I could just pop him into my mouth.

Tabby was commiserating with me about Loony’s absence and we were devising ways for me to cope with essentially another two weeks without him. He comes back today, I am gone Wednesday through Friday and he is off again on Monday for ten days.

“You need a project, to keep busy.”

Right. I could do the basement.

“The one with all the records? Good luck.”

I know. Loony is going to insist that he has to be involved which means it will never get done. I could tell him that he has a choice. Either he lets me do the basement or I get a boyfriend!

“That’s right! Make him a choose!”

Even better, I could make him choose between another cat or the basement! Because really, the last thing I need in my life is more dudes.


At least my chickens (except Radish) are females. They know how to work, obviously.


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  1. I could just pop it in my mouth, what a great line. Your chicken seem to be late nicely and we’re going to have to make a date for when Looney goes away for 10 days , BTW thanks for the shout-out. get better soon little bro

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