Haiku Blues


I talked to Loony six times today on the phone, a new world record. He’s been gone for five days and I miss him.

Husband out of town

Luxurious solitude

No one to talk to

The good news is that he is almost done cleaning out his childhood home and will be on the road soon. It’s funny, that thing about absence and the heart.

Time alone at last

No one to break the silence

When will you be home?

He left on Monday and at first I reveled in the silence. I’ve been kicking ass at home improvement projects and loving how they aren’t getting immediately undone by some gigantic garage sale purchase.

I’m bracing myself for Loony’s return. I just know he’s going to come home with his car stuffed to the gills with childhood artifacts.


The dogs miss him too.

I am rarely ever truly alone; someone could pop in at any moment unannounced. I’ve structured my life so people know they don’t have to call.

Are you home right now?

I am in the neighborhood …

Have a glass of wine

Loony is usually coming up the walk when I call to ask when he’s coming home. I am usually all hostile and WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? and he smugly opens the door with me still on the phone.

IMG_3485 (1).jpg

Now I’m sitting in my sunroom with the heater on, a luxury. The sun does me good, even if its this weird, snow filtered sun.

Filtered sun through snow

The sunroom in the winter

Blue light void of heat


I’ve exhausted all the projects I can do without him and suddenly I miss him so much. Scratchy, usually the chatterbox, was especially quiet today.


I took it personally, my bad. Now it’s weird. Maybe I can get Itchy to play cards with me.

When is dinner mom?

Sullenly waiting on me

Shades of my future


It’s snowing really hard, that spring snow that is wet and heavy.


I took pictures of flowering trees just as the snow started. Another bad year for fruit

I’ll be suiting up every hour to shovel, my back can’t handle a big pile-up. It takes a solid 45 minutes to shovel the walks, the two stairways and the two decks.

Heavy springtime snow

Is it ever coming down

Shovel every hour

I’m not sure what got into me the other day except I was at Safeway rather than King Soopers and they have really good ice cream cakes. I impulse bought a whole ice cream cake. It’s nobody’s birthday.


Perhaps desperate times call for desperate measures.

By the way, this is a great fucking article.



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