Post Spring “Break” To-Do List

Spring Break (aka more work for me) is over, Loony is back out of town and the kids are in school. How do I feel? Remember how I was all boo-hoo when Loony was gone? It took exactly 20 minutes to stop missing him and wishing he would go away. Why 20 minutes? That’s how […]

Easter is the new Halloween, only without kinky parties

I would prefer to not spend Sunday watching my kids shove their faces full of child slavery produced chocolate and sugar, and then deal with the aftermath of hyperactivity and hoarding but I’m kind of an asshole that way.

Stuff I Like to Write About

Smellcome? Manhood? Jesus, did an adult write this? They should have ran it by me first unless they were trying to elicit an juvenile reaction in which case THEY NAILED IT!

Sexually Confused Dreams of Impending Doom

At this point I’ll be lucky to have a sexually confused hermaphrodite wet-dream because I’d give it a 99.9% chance that I will be dreaming out water damage, broken pipes, and jumping off the roof in order avoid dealing with this house.