An unexpected gift from my son

This morning Scratchy emptied a bunch of papers from his backpack into the trash before rushing off to school. I fished them out to put in the recycling and this crumpled paper caught my eye.

I am From

by Casey Frye

  • I am from glasses and Nike
  • From the beautiful mansion on 17th Pine Street
  • From the trees in my yard, the roses on the bush in my garden
  • Picking juicy fruits from my trees.
  • Sitting high high high in the trees.
  • I am from the Christmas reunion from the warm lakes embrace.
  • And my mothers arms, and Omas lap.
  • From the family reunion playing bridge late at night. Holding my nose tight and jumping in the murky lake looking for shells that littered the ground. Huge thunder storms spent waiting for the Ice Cream boat.
  • From going up to Blowing Rock and playing in the maze having fun all while my mom was drinking tea with my great aunt and talking about the landscape.
  • I am from ice cream after the dentist office.
  • From walking around Boulder with mom and Blue dog.
  • From my antike bed holding Chicken the chiwawa in my arms.
  • I am from cats running around the house.
  • I am from spring playing in the water.
  • I am from Calwood in the pine smell every summer.
  • Catching butterflies and rushing to my dad for classification of the species of butterflies hoping beyond hope it would be a swallowtail.
  • I am from the fall playing the leaves.
  • I am from the world.

I was melancholy today, the remnants of last night’s dream left me feeling disconnected from my children … so grown up … so apart from me.

This was a little gift to raise my sprits. He does like it when I hug him. He does enjoy walking with me and the dog even though I have to force him to go. The things we do for him, he notices. Thank goodness, it isn’t for nothing.

Whatever caused me to stop and read it before throwing it out, thank you. I am grateful.

12 thoughts on “An unexpected gift from my son

    • You just put this stuff out into to the world for your kids and you never know if it ever hits home. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it made an impact.

  1. Wonderful posts Viv, this and the last. It is so great that he knows in his heart “where he’s from”! Must have something to do with those boys getting raised right? Maybe more like everything…

    Love to all 🙂

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