You could say the stress is getting to me

Last year I threw a fundraiser for my kids’ PTA and it went really well but it was pretty much the most stressful thing ever. Maybe not ever, because let’s be real, it’s only a party. It’s not like I’m trying to escape Syria with my small children in the midst of horrendous violence and […]

An unexpected gift from my son

This morning Scratchy emptied a bunch of papers from his backpack into the trash before rushing off to school. I fished them out to put in the recycling and this crumpled paper caught my eye. I am From by Casey Frye I am from glasses and Nike From the beautiful mansion on 17th Pine Street […]

I am waking up full of nostagia

Lately I’ve been dreaming about babies, but not the usual anxiety laden variety I am more accustomed to, but achingly sweet ones. In them I have a small child, sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl, one that nurses frequently but is precociously verbal. I am suffused with the warmth and almost chemical love that comes […]

One Small Step for My Entryway …

Every few years I undertake a big home improvement project. Thanks to a rather unexpected early repayment of a loan (thanks Lemony!) I found myself with enough money to check off something that’s been on my list for years. The entry. I’ve always had the dream of being able to organize each person’s shoes, backpacks, […]

Dreamscapes and Memory Lane

Loony says his favorite dreams are ones where he is finding stuff at estate sales, treasure trove after treasure trove of valuable vintage clothes to sell on eBay. It figures. My favorite dreams are where I find new rooms in our house. Last night I dreamt I discovered an entire floor. It was in bad shape […]

Beautiful Strangers

Just a few things on this very snow day because even though it is 9am, I’ve already shoveled for an hour, walked the stupid dog, experimented with a new recipe and made a new friend. Jasmine, a lovely young lady who works(ed) at Leaf knocked on my door to say hi and tell me how […]