Not Vagina

I’ve had a lot on my mind but not a whole lot of energy to write about it. And I definitely don’t feel like getting all worked up over something that I will ultimately resolve.

After the last year (and 43 years prior to that) I’ve come to understand how I deal with adversity; it’s kind of the same way everyone deals with it.

  1. Get bad news
  2. Freak out
  3. Cope

Having seen this dynamic play out about a thousand times last year, I’ve made it a resolution to skip the freaking out part (#2, FYI) and save myself the brain damage.

To that end, I’ve been taking a hard look at the way I spend my time and money and I started by talking to my bookkeeper (HI KATHY!) about coming up with a budget because I feel like I have gone unconscious about my spending.

And for that friend (who I cannot remember) that said if I am looking to cut back maybe I should get rid of my bookkeeper, Kathy says to go fuck yourself.

I don’t think she said fuck.

Anyway, I was talking to my bookkeeper and trying to explain what the Michi, Lululemon, Lucy and Acrovita expenses were about, I multitasked by deleting pictures from my bloated iPhoto file and I came across this beauty.


Which is why I am blogging now. Blogging really does make me feel better.

And this happened …


So I’m walking the stupid dogs after a snowstorm and, as usual, Chicky’s little squirrel paws get cold so I put him in Shé’s old baby sling when a car pulls up beside me and says, “I’m from the paper and I’m going to take your picture even if I get endless grief from my coworkers for taking a picture of cute animals.”

Twenty minutes later it was on the Daily Camera website and the next day it was on the front page of the newspaper.

The most remarkable thing about this is not that my picture was taken, because people take pictures of me and the stupid dogs all the time, but that no one said anything mean about me on-line. Like they usually do.

This never happens.

The only person who said something remotely mean was Kristen. She disapproved of the sweatpants and I quote, “Have you given up?”

In a word … yes.

4 thoughts on “Not Vagina

  1. I love the picture of you with your dogs. I can see why no one said anything negative. It is just a great picture of a dedicated mom dog walking her pups.

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