We Won!

Short term rental is legal in Boulder and I don’t have to worry about some crazy bitch turning me in for LEGALLY RENTING MY OWN HOME!


I am so excited to go to Paris in two days!

I’m not going to lie; I was more than a little concerned that I’d suffer the greatest of ironies – being at the Airbnb Superhost convention learning all these wonderful hosting skills for nothing. Because short term rental is not legal in Boulder.

But that won’t happen because I did everything in my power to get STRs legalized Boulder, and tonight Boulder voted for it.

Now I owe a bunch of people a round of drinks.

Dan, Svein, Jennifer, Oliver and Whitney, thank you all for building this alliance together.

Nina, thank you for being my internet angel and for coming to all those City Council meetings not because you had anything to gain, but because you are my friend and care about me.

Kemi at Airbnb, thank you so much for believing in my cause and giving me so much support. We could not have done this without you.

Loony, thank you for enduring my vicious mood swings and anxiety attacks. Thank you to my kids for still wanting to hang out with me even though I’m always answering emails and on the phone. I’ll do better.

And VRBO, I owe you exactly no thanks for the way you gave zero fucks about us in Boulder. I’ll be cancelling my subscription and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. You are nothing without us.

Here’s a picture of my boobs because it’s time to get back to the basics and what is more classic Viv than this?

Nina Reed Nude Shoot

Image courtesy of Nina Reed photography because in addition to helping with everything, she takes nudie pictures of me.

No more politics for me y’all.

8 thoughts on “We Won!

  1. Wooo Hoooo!! Success tastes so sweet… like butter and jam on a French croissant. Boob pics in Paris please? You know you need them.

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