Cat Dream and Coping Strategies

I dreamt I was at my local grocery store (King Soopers, if you must know) and whilst in the produce section I saw Mr. Bates (AKA Timpano, AKA My Husband/Lover, AKA The Daddy Catty) sitting on one of the displays.

Hello Daddy

Helloooo Daddy

I thought, “Well, I guess I better stock up,” and put him in my cart.


Otherwise the store was out of almost everything else due to a holiday weekend.

A woman noticed the cat in my shopping cart and said, “Oh those cats really shed,” and I was like, “It’s not problem, I always pick up a few of these when I’m out and about. I got the brown tabby thing down.”

Then I picked up eight labrador retrievers in varying colors and headed home while trying to figure out the logistics of walking all these fucking dogs.

Totes me

Totes me

The big vote on Short Term Rentals is tomorrow. I can’t wait for this ordeal to be over, come what may.

The upside of my crushing stress is that my coping mechanism is to make stuff. In the past I made dresses (if you look back over my blog, you will see periods where I made a dress a day).

Now I make pottery. This is what came out of ONE kiln firing.


That’s 25 pieces. I usually don’t make this much in one session, much less one firing. It speaks volumes.


It beats this

It beats this

And I have to say, I have been incredibly inspired lately. For instance, the other day my instructor showed us how to make this lovely three-chambered vessel.

Very normal, and lovely.

Very normal and lovely.

Somehow, starting from the exact place with the same technique, it turned into this:

Hey, the heart wants what it wants.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I’m looking forward to being myself again.

I cannot wait for my social media persona to revert back to pictures of my boobs and hot pole dancers.

I cannot wait for my social media persona to revert back to pictures of my boobs and hot pole dancers.

10 thoughts on “Cat Dream and Coping Strategies

  1. Wow! An eye into the artist!

    What red-hot pokers were driving some of our best creators?
    Was “Starry Night” a solar easement bill?
    “The Scream” a vote for bridge construction tax?

    Wishing you good luck from Houston!

    • Thanks Kathy! I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I already made a whisker container so maybe I’ll use it to hold belly button lint , another thing I collect.

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