Chicken Coop of Happiness

The Poulet Rouge entertainment complex is a hit!

As much as my husband likes to complain about my hare brained ideas, he doesn’t at all mind talking to all the beautiful women who stroll by with their kids and dogs and gush about how much they love our chickens.

I started off with this little coop three years ago …

A spanking new Coop Du Jour

A spanking new Coop Du Jour

Then I got this coop …

In its unadorned state

In its unadorned state

Of course I needed to paint it …

No self-respecting chicken coop goes without a chandelier …

Is a chandelier too much for a coop? Never!

Is a chandelier too much for a coop? Never!

The Silkies are too small to manage the wooden ladder, so my buddy Ryan welded a custom ladder for their tiny, feathery tootsies.

A custom ladder

A custom ladder

I have always wanted a Little Free Library of my own so I made this one from a kit …

People swarmed to my unplugged entertainment complex.

Not too shabby.

Not too shabby.

My neighbors had a bunch of flagstone left over from their yard so I hired a wonderful stonemason to fashion a patio. He really ran with the chicken theme …

My stonemason’s helper spoke little English so it was  tricky explaining that I buried Lola in that vicinity and not to freak out if he came across a cat skeleton.

Yay Google translation!

The girls packing it in for the night.

The girls packing it in for the night.

Then I spent a shitload of money at The Home Depot …


I showed up to get one potted chrysanthemum and all hell broke loose

And I got a cement bench off of Craigslist which was too heavy to set on my own but this really nice lady named Emily stopped to chat about the chickens on her way home from a job interview …

Voila! Emily put on some gloves and helped me set the bench.

Voila! Emily put on some gloves and helped me set the bench. I really hope she gets the job.

Chiquita helped, too.


Definitely a working dog

Did I mention that Chicky is my dog now? After taking him on vacation I sent Tabby this text …


She took it really well.

I send her regular updates …

It's a fine line between assuring her that he's happy and pissing her off.

It’s a fine line between assuring her that he’s happy and pissing her off. I love it when she uses my last name. It simply drips with contempt.

Anyway, Tabby visited us in the middle of the project …


I’m always caught off guard by how pretty she is when she goes to work. Neither of us look good at 6am which is when we see the most of each other.

Back to the coop, I planted all those flowers I bought and picked up a few big pots from Craigslist. You’d think Loony would be proud of me but no …

With plants and ground cover

With plants and ground cover

The last thing that was bothering me was the roof. It was a corrugated plastic that looked flimsy and didn’t match the décor …

Et voila!

I don’t know why WP embedded these pictures of me pole dancing. I can’t delete them!

Now I’m done. I swear.

Finally a coop worthy of her name

What started as a tiny idea … “Let’s get a chicken tractor!” turned into a giant project. One that has brought me so much happiness and satisfaction and has brought so many people into our lives.

I love chatting with strangers. I love making people happy. I love being able to say this project is 100% my doing. And I love that the only thing I factored into my decision making process was does it make my heart sing?

Put a little henhouse in your soul.

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  1. It’s wonderful being your neighbor, Viv. Congratulations on your entertainment center and, even more, for listening so well to your heart song.

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