Crazy Eye & CATtachment Parenting

I would forget 90% of the shit that happens to me if it weren’t for my phone.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst thing to let the minutae of my life pass right though, but I must say that sometimes checking my phone feels like Christmas.

First there is the Jack Russell who stakes out the window as we walk to school.

I don’t know what his name is, Loony said it was Mr. Ticklesworth or something stupid like that. We call him Crazy Eye.

I’m sure his owner just loves us.

My dad (HI DAD!) often hears things happening around me on our early morning walk/talks. While I haven’t gotten video of myself been attacked by dogs (yet) I thought he might appreciate a visual of the dog that loves to give us shit … even when we don’t tap on the window.

Shorter Sean came over last night for corn chips and bourbon (the only two things in my pantry that don’t violate his many food rules) and I learned that he has a hidden talent.

I promised I’d plug his new business venture, Bud and Breakfast. We were messing around on the computer (aka watching Honey Badger over and over again) and I liked his FB page and his phone started blowing up because I was his 200th like. I felt special.

But what I forgot was that Cabella’s shot a commercial at my house!

Seriously, how did I forget that?

This isn’t the first time my space has been used by a professional, but it’s always been for print such as the time when Yoga Journal shot at my house.

Yoga Journal

FYI, I looked up the issue of YJ that featured my house. Suffice to say that I had to look through it three times before I figured out which picture it was.

For all the schlepping around and moving of furniture, the end result was a blank wall, not even worth posting the photo.

The Cabella’s ad is a commercial. I pitied the set dressers who had to surmount the stairs, in the snow, for two days.

The end result was a little girl’s room.

Production photos! Exciting, no?

Yes, that was cool. I’ll link to the commercial when it comes out.

In other news, we found a nice, clean mattress for the guest room after the cat house mattress debacle.

Fortunately for us Timpano was here to help us install it.

Cats are helpful by nature.

Timpano is a strange cat. He isn’t as slutty affectionate as I wanted (typical) but he is always interested in what I’m doing, like in this picture:


Looking for inspiration for the last of my clay

Or here:

Do you need help with that?

Do you need help with that?

Meanwhile Blue suffers the indignities silently.


I’ll just be here under my blankie

Oh! And I had a proud parenting moment!

We Frye’s are hard-core CATtachment parents.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Eye & CATtachment Parenting

  1. Sharing this because I have friends who are driven crazy by their relative doing “attachment parenting.” I think CATtachment is MUCH healthier.

    • I did a lot of the attachment parenting things (baby wearing, breast feeding, some co-sleeping, etc) but never because I felt like my kids wouldn’t be attached to me, it just felt right. But I must say that there was definitely a time when we had to do some detachment parenting for sure.

      Mh cats, however, need to be forced to be closer to me.

    • Yes indeed, Blue needs to have a blankie. He gets very cold and we’ve discovered he sleeps longer (AKA past 5am) if he’s snuggled in tightly.

      Hopefully Itchy will reap the benefits of his cat-wearing in his later years. I am a sucker for a guy sporting a (live) cat.

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