I’m Getting That Spooky Feeling

I found the bed that I wanted for my guest room on Craigslist today. One that would replace the Frankenbed that I hate.

It was a simple enough listing and the pictures looked good. Very legit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 5.40.59 PM

I found someone to take the Frankenbed off my hands for free (so long sucker!) and headed down to Longmont with Loony to pick up the $100 replacement.

As we turned onto the street, Loony said, “If we walk in and there are a dozen cats in the house, let’s just turn around and go home. Okay?”

I was like, “Pshaw, what makes you think this is gonna be a cat house?”

Loony was all, “I just have a feeling.”

We found the house and this was what I saw as we pulled up…


That’s five cats people. Five.

How does he do that?!

Loony gives me that spooky feeling.

We knocked on the door anyway, naturally we were not invited in. Who knows how many more cats we would have seen.

The bed was much more beat up than the picture but I still liked it better than Frankenbed and since Frankenbed was already gone …

To Boulder!

To Boulder!

We couldn’t fit the “bunkie” board in the car so we Loony strapped it to the roof. We still had the box on top since it’s too much of a pain to get it down seeing as how long it took to get it up there this summer.

Not sketchy at all

Not sketchy at all

It is nothing short of a miracle testament to Loony’s knot tying skills that it didn’t go flying off on the Diagonal. And he didn’t even hold it down with a steadying hand.


But he would have had the weather been more accommodating

Our next stop was the Salvation Army so Loony could “pay for the bed I just bought,” and I saw the funniest thing …


These ladies bought a ginormous Love Sac and were trying to ram it into their hatchback. It reminded me of my bean bag experience.

I helpfully told them to try taking a running start AND THEY DID and the car actually shoved into the middle of the parking lot.


Anyway, we got the bed home and the frame is fine, especially after Loony spent an hour assembling and cleaning it up.

Even he had to admit that it wasn’t as tall and squeaky (AND FUCKING UGLY) as Frankenbed. The mattress however … guh.

Let’s just say that while the mattress didn’t smell of cat and chinchilla pee (did I mention there was a chinchilla cage in the garage?) it’s only because of the overwhelming stench of Febreeze.

The cats and Blue however? They were extremely interested in it.

So yeah, I put the mattress on Craigslist for free and BOOM! GONE!

I’ll let Loony find a queen sized mattress and I’ll never doubt his ESP ever again.

4 thoughts on “I’m Getting That Spooky Feeling

  1. Seriously. . On the picture with the sports car? How cheap can a person actually be? “I’ll pay 250000 for a car but I won’t pay 250 to have a mattress delivered because someone may find out I live in a tent” btw, can I borrow looney sometime? That guy I keep tied in the basement keeps getting loose… 😉

    • Isn’t that funny? Back in the days before digital, I passed someone careening down the freeway with a mattress on top, fastened with the thinnest twine and held down with arm out the window. So classic.

      Loony is an MVP around here, what kind of trade are you offering?

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