I Can’t Write Anything That Isn’t Angry

I’m up to my twitching eyelids in local politics as I defend my livelihood from the deaf ears of City Council who have deemed renting out rooms in my licensed and inspected house on AirBnB and VRBO to be “socially unjust.” That’s a quote. Perhaps they need a reminder about what social injustice actually looks like. […]

Best Friends Forever

Thanks to my good friends my personal Facebook page has become a self-sustaining ecosystem of weird animal videos, crazy cat lady memes, genitalia and profanity. I’m pretty sure this means I’m winning. Today I walked away from my computer for 6 hours and these things were posted in my absence. PFC posted this: Moneypenny posted this: […]

Crazy Eye & CATtachment Parenting

I would forget 90% of the shit that happens to me if it weren’t for my phone. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst thing to let the minutae of my life pass right though, but I must say that sometimes checking my phone feels like Christmas. First there is the Jack Russell who stakes out […]

I’m Getting That Spooky Feeling

I found the bed that I wanted for my guest room on Craigslist today. One that would replace the Frankenbed that I hate. It was a simple enough listing and the pictures looked good. Very legit. I found someone to take the Frankenbed off my hands for free (so long sucker!) and headed down to Longmont […]