Frozen Fat Update

It has been exactly 10 days since I got my fat frozen and I thought I’d post a little update aka put off cleaning toilets and walking the dog because:

  1. I don’t feel like taking off my socks so I can scrub the shower and
  2. It’s really snowy and icy


I wonder if this cat would sleep on my face?

I wonder if this cat would sleep on my face?

It has been snowing for the last two days, giving us much needed moisture, although the dog isn’t too happy about it.


Can you say stink eye?

I try to find the beauty in all of this, despite almost slipping and falling a dozen times on our walk.

Like this, look how pretty this blue is …

Have you ever seen a prettier blue?

Have you ever seen a prettier blue? My house just fades away into it.

Or how about my two favorite tiny houses …

Freaking adorable

Freaking adorable

It’s not all bad.

And while I’m still majorly on edge about this Short Term Rental business (and maybe procrastinating having to cold-call all the local VRBO owners to get them on board) and wishing my venue would get back to me about this big fundraiser I want to throw, I’m pretty psyched that my fat seems to be shrinking.

Like I said, it has been 10 days since my procedure and I thought you might want an update.

All my bruising is gone (and it was never purple bruising, just redness) and there is no residual soreness although the area is still rather numb. All the swelling has gone down as well.


1 week later

I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking but it appears that the area is smaller than it was prior to the procedure. Maybe it’s because smaller than the swollen counterpart, but I’m pretty psyched. Full results aren’t achieved until 6-8 weeks afterwards so it seems like I am on a good track.

I’ll keep you posted.

Now I have to disassemble the Frankenbed because I found a nicer one on Craigslist.

Since I’m giving it away for free, I don’t want the people taking it to realize that it is actually a Frankenbed and not one, unified piece of furniture that is really tall and squeaks.

It was Loony’s idea.

So long sucker!

So long sucker!

Off to do grown-up things like clean toilets and break a hip on the ice.


Oh, and thanks Lemony for sending me this wonderful link. I needed it today.



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