Happy Birthday Dad, 2015

Oh my god. I almost forgot my dad’s birthday!

The very same dad I call out in almost every single post. (Hi Dad!)

The very same dad I talk to at least three times a week while walking Blue at five in the morning.

The very same dad who is probably hoping I’ll forget so he can lord it over me for the next year. Sorry!

I wrote a longer blog about the history of our bizarre birthday ritual.

I am so ridiculously caught up in the AirBnB drama and politics that February 10th has only meant one thing to me. It’s when the City Council has a meeting to discuss the fate of short-term rentals in Boulder.

But even more importantly, it’s my dad’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you. Every day I am grateful to have you in my life. To be truly seen yet still loved is a tremendous gift.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad, 2015

  1. Dear Viv,

    Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful post and the love behind it. I really think I’m the luckiest Dad in the world. How many Dads think that their daughter is the smartest, most level headed, most people-centered, most socially conscious person in the world? Me, for one!

    I so admire your willingness to be public and advocate for the STR cause. I’m so sorry that you also have to experience the downside of being a public figure. I only wish I could shield you from this.

    Yours was my first call this morning. Thank you! And thank you for being a beautiful light in my life, always.

    Love, Dad

  2. That is so sweet – your post AND your Dad’s response. You both are lucky to have such a wonderful relationship. I wish my father was still with us – I miss him everyday (he as an awesome father, too).

    • I am very fortunate to have my father and MAC. As my sons like to say, “They are in really good shape for being old!” which is high praise from a child. I’m glad they are taking such good care of themselves because I want them around for a long, long, time.

  3. I love the post your dad wrote you. It is nice to be cherished. I know, because I too am cherished by my dad and my husband.
    I just came upon a letter that my dad wrote to me over 30 yrs ago and it makes me cry everytime I read it.
    Hope your dad enjoys his special day.
    I know your city council meeting went well! You are really good at that type of thing.

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