A Well-Timed Compliment

Good news, no one left a burning bag of dog shit on my porch this weekend!

But if you had read the comments on the Daily Camera website following the article about me and my short-term rental work, it might still be coming.

The photographer for the piece said I was brave to put myself out there like I have. I’ve been here before, I know what it is like to open myself up for criticism and speculation from internet trolls who derive deep satisfaction from antagonizing strangers. Therefore I do not read comments.

But Loony did.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.46.06 AM

That just about covers it. Too bad they didn’t mention all the charity work Loony does, how we’ve housed the homeless in our house, or how rich people don’t really like to have strangers staying under their roof BECAUSE THEY ARE RICH AND DON’T NEED THE MONEY!

La dolce vita, baby.

La dolce vita, baby.

Loony kindly left out any insults made to my person and I’m sure there are plenty because even he was criticized for his choice of footwear.

He shared some of the less personal comments with me about how we are going to get reported to the IRS (go ahead, we pay our taxes) our insurance company (we have boarding house policy) and every other government agency out there because we are everything that is wrong with Boulder.


While these threats don’t really worry me, they put me on edge all weekend.

Which is why it meant so much to me this morning when a woman at the gym complimented my outfit.

This outfit


She said, “You look so adorable!”


I fell over laughing that anyone would say something nice about my 100% thrift-store outfit.

And I mean it, even the sneakers are used. That’s how we trust-funders roll.

I was going to sack my lady’s maid for setting out the rags that I usually bequeath to the homeless in retribution for refusing to let her attend her child’s funeral. But now I’ll simply have to catch her red-handed stealing the silver before I can get rid of her. Tsk.


I shall never let her dress me in the dark again

It made me remember that most people are really nice, kind and generous. And while a handful of people see fit to tear apart everyone and everything because they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet, nothing beats a friendly face and a good laugh.


11 thoughts on “A Well-Timed Compliment

  1. “illigitibus carborundum”, baby! Don’t let the bastards wear you down.

    I share with you, dear friend, another benefit of getting old: how little stock the opinions of strangers holds for me – like farts at a distance. Who fucking cares?

    Stand tall, as you already do. Know your friends love with your spirit, your guts and your grit.

  2. Stay strong team Palmer-Frye! The comments are HORRIBLE! Who are these idiots? Yes, haters gonna hate, and internet trolls do nothing but sit in their dark basements in front of their computer writing these shitty comments all over the place.

    Hey when does your next trust distribution arrive? We should go out. LOL….

  3. I remember hearing many years ago to not give someone the importance that they don’t deserve. If you don’t care about these people who cares what they think of you. I wouldn’t even consider reading nasty things that people say about me or anyone else I care about. You are brave and they are not. Snide comments are so passive aggressive, was is such an awful quality.
    Quick story before I sign off. Someone put a poop bag on my neighbors porch. Her dog poops in the middle of the street and she rarely cleans it up. One of her friends asked her if she thought I did it. I was pleased that she said, “Aboslulely not!” She knows I hate that passive aggresive shit.
    I think it is interesting how people make up their minds about others by the amount of money they have. I tutor 2 low income families and they are so generous. On the other end of the spectrum….my sister who has tons of money actually has had people stay with her (for months) who haven’t had any place to live. You just never know.

    • Yes, of course. I don’t believe a word the haters say but it makes me uneasy. I’ve never been good with criticism and it is in my nature to accept all criticism as true, whether it is or not. It takes effort to not let it in, though.

      I’m looking forward to someone else being on the cover of the paper. Maybe someone who runs a nice horse rescue, or maybe a home for orphans. The assholes on the internet always need fresh meat.

  4. Crap! I just realized I forgot to comment the other day about Downtown Abbey!! I can hardly remember season one tho. What are we on like season 5 now?? They are so far past all that it’s lost to me. Wait until you catch up. As for the trolls, feck Em if they can’t let others live. I can see why my friend was robbed twice in one week in Denver a few weeks ago, them people have no sense. Um you , Looney, and the gang excluded of course. I am sure Boulder is much cooler.

  5. It is amazing how harsh people can be about someone they have never met and do not know from Adam. Ignore, Ignore, Ignore! You are an awesome family and a credit to Boulder.

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