I’m In the Paper! Let the Hating Begin

Somehow I’ve found myself at the epicenter of the short-term rental debate in Boulder.

Maybe it’s because I’m the only one who will speak openly about my experience with STRs. Ever since I started blogging I have become accustomed to letting it all hang out.

Thank you to Erica Meltzer wrote this very balanced piece on the issue.

Click on image to read the article

Click on image to read the article

Cliff Grassmick took the photos and made this video for the story.

The last time I was in the paper I made the mistake of reading the on-line comments. You would think that a woman getting rid of 10 things a day for a year would be safe from the haters, but no. It was brutal to see every bit of my character and physicality assassinated.

This time I resolve to not read the on-line comments and hopefully avoid letting criticisms of my shrill voice (at the beginning of the video, cringe), how perhaps I should have worn a bra, how my belly was sticking out, etc., get to me.

I am really pleased with how this turned out. It’s hard to position oneself on a topic that is as polarizing as this but I want people to get a balanced picture of what some, if not most, STR owners look like.

On a side note, when I agreed to be photographed I insisted that I not be forced to “do stuff around the house” like I did the last time which ended up in this abomination:


I saw the photographer’s call sheet saying that I was a “tough case” because I wanted a little more control over my image. But really, can you blame me?

Thanks again Erica and Cliff. I appreciate your good work.

Here are some more great pictures that Cliff took. Too back he didn’t get a picture of That Fucking Cat.

13 thoughts on “I’m In the Paper! Let the Hating Begin

  1. I loved your blog about getting rid of 10 things a day, it inspired me to “find a new home” for a lot of our stuff. I’m sorry to hear that you were given grief over it, wished I showed my support earlier.

    • Oh please, don’t worry about it! People who get their kicks trolling comment lines really aren’t worth engaging with. In fact, the rule is to never engage with them, it’s what they want. I got plenty of love and support where it mattered, I just have to stay away from those forums. No good ever came of it.

      I’m so glad to hear that you were inspired by my blog to do a little purging yourself. Feels so good, no?

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  3. Love everything about you and Lonny! Great blog, great home, great life! I too have a F***ing Cat that looks just like yours. She can be a nightmare at times, but I love her to bits! All the best with fighting the STR haters!

    • Thanks Amy! Does your fucking cat look like my fucking black cat or my fucking obese tabby? Whatever. They are both annoying me right now. Timpano gets up in Blue’s face and does that chattery sound cats make when they are hunting birds. Then Blue gets all excited and starts barking. It’s unbelievably stupid around here. I need to get back to cleaning that bathroom.

      Thanks for reading!

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