Frozen Fat Update

It has been exactly 10 days since I got my fat frozen and I thought I’d post a little update aka put off cleaning toilets and walking the dog because: I don’t feel like taking off my socks so I can scrub the shower and It’s really snowy and icy See? It has been snowing […]

Offensive Tet

I have been in the foulest, most craptastic mood ever. I’m not exactly sure why (well, I might have a few ideas) but suffice to say that I am unfit to be around other people. Heck, I’m even a little scared of myself. I think it might be because I haven’t been working out at […]

The World’s Shittiest Chicken Waterer Can’t Bring Me Down

I am covered in raw egg and dripping wet with chicken poop tinged water. But I’m not mad. I’m happier than I’ve been in a really long time. I was ready to write a profanity laden post about why I hate my heated chicken waterer – and I’ll try to work up a good head […]

I’m Freezing My Fat Off With Zeltiq Coolsculpting

It has in fact been quite cold but when I said I’m freezing my fat off, I don’t mean this: I actually mean this: Why am I doing this? For one, I already exercise two hours a day (30 minutes stair machine set on suicide, 30 minutes pull-ups, pushups, crunches – and not the girl kind, […]

Be Nice Or Leave

It has been almost a week since that piece in the paper yet the trolls aren’t done with me. To my lovely friends who have tried to silence them with reason, I ask you this. Please stop. You are only feeding the beast. Ignore them and they will move on to fresh meat. I can […]

A Well-Timed Compliment

Good news, no one left a burning bag of dog shit on my porch this weekend! But if you had read the comments on the Daily Camera website following the article about me and my short-term rental work, it might still be coming. The photographer for the piece said I was brave to put myself out […]

I Think You Have the Wrong Blog

I got a bunch more followers on this blog ever since that article about short-term rentals was posted. What?! This is a disaster. The person in the article is a considerate, tax paying, family business advocating Vivienne. To see her website go here. She even has a well-reasoned and zero-profanity blog about issues relevant to short-term rentals. Four […]

I’m In the Paper! Let the Hating Begin

Somehow I’ve found myself at the epicenter of the short-term rental debate in Boulder. Maybe it’s because I’m the only one who will speak openly about my experience with STRs. Ever since I started blogging I have become accustomed to letting it all hang out. Thank you to Erica Meltzer wrote this very balanced piece […]

Lovely Blog Award

I got the nicest blog award from The Naughty Miss Jones, vibrator aficionado and fellow blogger. She has the most adorable website, BTW and you can bet that I’m following her blog. The rules. 1. Thank the person that nominated you 2. Display the lovely blog award 3. Share 7 things about yourself 4. Nominate 15 […]