Merry Christmas, I Lost Your Cat

We had a close call just as it got dark last night. The door to the outside swung open and the kitten went missing.

It was full-on freak-out conditions.

Lost Kitten

Lost Kitten

The kids were crying, I was screaming orders at the top of my lungs while desperately trying to find a working flashlight and it was sheer chaos.

Itchy and I ran around the block calling for Peachy while Scratchy stayed home to search for him inside. All I could think about was how I was going to break the news to Peach’s owner.

“Merry Christmas! I lost your cat.”


Picture this: a 3 month-old kitten with no collar or microchip, new to the house, never been outside, it’s dark, I’m screwed.

My kids are so upset, I’m upset, the owner is going to be upset and once again, I have ruined Christmas.

Loony came home right as I posted to Craigslist and the Humane Society’s websites and was just about to make a flier.

He has very large paws. Maybe he is part Maine Coon

Have you seen this cat that doesn’t belong to me?

“I found him. He was standing in the middle of the kitchen floor.”

Cats are such assholes.

Cornering TFC

Cornering TFC

Now that I don’t have to worry about finding an identical kitten to foist off onto Dash (the owner) I am pondering if he is actually going to come back for him.

What do you think?


Is it me or does he seem a little ambivalent about getting his kitten?

He should be, that cat is way happier with me and he is getting to know the ropes around here.

He is bossing TFC around and doesn’t seem to be scared of Blue. Not too scared, at least.

Now Scratchy is sick. Last night he complained of an upset stomach and quickly escalated into projectile vomiting for the next 12 hours.

He’s feeling better now but so much for our Christmas Eve plans to go over to Jason and Emily’s. So it goes.

Dinner tonight will be ginger ale and dry toast followed by The Hobbit.

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, I Lost Your Cat

  1. So bloody stressful. I wholly know how it feels to lose someone elses cat! We lost a foster dog too once. Horrid.

    The kitten shall be yours.

  2. Inciting the animals to joust! How cute! Especially when the little visitor puffs up. But the best was where you were about to go on Craig’s list to find a duplicate (did I read your prose correctly?) No shortage of drama Chez PF. Merry Christmas! LD

    • Actually, the post on CL was a missing cat notice, incase anyone found her. I was happy to have the occasion to delete it almost instantly. That sucked.

    • Good morning Cao! The little guy went home (sob). Garfiel and Nermal, wow. I used to looooove Garfield. I used to draw him over and over.

      I think Peach and TFC got along okay. They chased each other around the house with the dog following behind. It was a circus.

      Tine to hit Craigslist again. I hope you had a good holiday my friend.

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